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I have tried registering with with site with no luck.

I need some advice. I have some payday installment loans and had my bank stop payment on these loans do to the every 2 week withdrawals from these places and becoming behind on my everyday bills. Cost me $30 each but what was I to do? So far the bank has been awesome from letting these payment go through.
I live in Ca. and know some of these loans are legal. Just need advice has how to go about setting up a payment plan with them.

CashNetUSA: Loan Amount $3400, Paid to date $43590 ($2832.57 of this is interest) pay 272.44 every 2 weeks.

ChecknGo: Loan Amout $3000, Paid to date $1171.92 (pay $292.93 every 2 weeks)

Plain Green Loan: Loan Amount $1200, Paid to date $1566.36 (pay $130.53 every 2 weeks) Says my balance is $1000.78

OPD Solutions LLC:This was for a $250 pdl. They never withdrew the $300 instead they kept taking $75 every 2 weeks. This has gone on for over 6 months.

Cash Central: Loan Amount $2959.27, Paid to date $686.98, Pay $451.96 a month
I received an email from them saying, "I’m offering you an opportunity to bring your account out of collections. Your Installment payment is $451.96 If you will pay $235.02 additional amount of $216.94 which will bring you current, and out of collections."
Which I did and asked to be on a payment plan do to job loss....No I didn't give them my bank account # they took the money from a prepaid CC.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

First off Online lenders must be licensed in California. Cash Central, CashNetUSA, and ChecknGo will all be licensed to lend in CA - you will want to call their corp offices and see if you can work out a extended payment plan, should be allowed since these appear to be in default, since you did stop payments. You could have just did ACH revocation letters to them all.
As for Plain Green and OPD Solutions - I am pretty sure they will not be licensed to lend in CA - you will want to follow the steps below in my signature line on how to deal with - I do recommend all steps - And to further protect your bank account, I would still recommend shutting down the old account as compromised and open a new one not linked in any way to the old one.
On Plain Green - you have already over paid them by $366.36 - which you should telling them when you send them the letter revoking ACH authorization and any wage assignments you may have signed that you will be expecting your refund.
One OPD Solutions - How much have you already paid to date? $900? if so they owe you a refund of $650.00.
You will more than likely never see the refund - but you should get a PIF from them with little to no issues at all.

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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I would also add re your payday loans that if any of your illegal ones harass you in anyway, do not hesitate to report them to the Dept of Corporations. You can find the form on line to download at their website. Good luck and keep us posted.

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