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I've asked for advice recently but still am soooo confused!

My husband has two storefront pdl's plus some internet ones. I'm thinking of closing our account and just trying to work with these places but I'm scared of getting in trouble over bad check charges. The two storefront places won't work with us and they just say that they HAVE to put the checks through on the due date and if they get returned we have to go in and take care of them. If I go ahead and close our account *to stop the internet pdl's from taking any more money* can we go to jail for checks getting returned due to a closed account? We're in Texas and I don't understand all of the laws. This is a total nightmare and I'm sick over this mess as I'm sure you all understand.
We want to pay these all off but we have to take care of our family first!

The two storefronts are The Cash Store and Check N' Go. They are so awful to work with. :(

The internet ones are ThinkCash, PaydayOne and CheckN'Go (Installment loan).

I already know they're all legal and we just want to make good on these but not get in serious trouble legally.

I really need advice on the best way to handle these. The next payments on The Cash Store(storefront), CheckN'Go (storefront) and CheckN'Go(online installment) are ALL due this Friday and I'm freaking out. :(

Please go through the following will give you a fair idea about Closing Checking accounts: - pdl.html

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phoenix phoenix
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Hang tight. Someone will post your state laws and interpret them for you. You have already listed your state of residence and your PDLs. That is a good thing. Help is on the way.

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llw1995 llw1995

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I know for a fact that Check-N-Go is a member of the CFSA and must follow their rules. They must give you a EPP (Extended Payment Plan) that will allow you to make 4 equal payments if you request it. I know that they will try to talk you out of it like they tried to do to me but I went ahead and did it anyway. I don't know about your other PDL's but chances are that they might be too.

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Poisedforanything Poisedforanything

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That is a much better thread for info on closing your bank account . . . .

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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