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I curently have payday loans with Great Plains and Plain Green . I obtained thse loans over the internet and I live in Georgia. Great Plains deposited an amount of 1,000 into my account on 12/17/12 and I am currently paying 301.12 per month until 12/16/13. Plain Green deposited an amount of 1,000 into my account on 9/20/12 and I am currently paying 257.35 per month until 9/15/13. The interest rates on each of these loans are well over 200%. I think the loans that I am paying are illegal and in Georgia. I've read the advice on your website, and I plan to take action to stop all future payments. Is there a way for me to be sure that I can legally revoke the loan agreements that I have with these two lenders?

You're right. Both these lenders are illegal in your state. All you need to do is pay $1000 to Great Plains and $1000 to Plain Green. The loan agreements are not valid. You can revoke ACH authorization with the bank easily.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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Please follow the link below in my signature on how to deal with them - all steps... best to secure bank account before sending out ACH revoke.. and you do not still owe $1000 to each.. how much have you repaid to each separately to date?

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Both of these loans are already overpaid.....shut your account down NOW!!!

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Contact your AG's office and get someone on the phone in Sam Olens' office. They are cracking down on lenders that are making loans via the internet and trying to skirt the laws in Georgia. Read the following (different lender but same scheme) http://w< /p>

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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i am in the state of CA .

I have a loan with Freedom Cash Lenders and Green Valley Cash.

I have followed all of your steps (writing letters via emai to these PDLS- i have two others but they are storefront and LEGAL- its just THESE two that i have beeing paying since MAY)

both i have paid roughly 700 already for a 300 loan. Green valley received the email and labeled it PAID IN FULL.

On the other hand, Freedom Cash Lenders sent me an email stating this:

I am in receipt of your letter regarding your loan with Freedom Cash Lenders. We see this type of email often as the internet has very misleading information.

The information you received is incorrect. Online lending, when offered by federally-recognized tribal governments, is legal. Tribal governments export tribal law over the Internet and consumers seeking our online lending services agree to abide by it. Payday loan businesses that reside in the borders of the State fall under a different category. We are a online lender – governed by Tribal law and are Federally regulated.

We are not an illegal lender nor have we done anything illegal and in fact we are governed by Federal laws and Federal regulations and follow all Federal statutes. The legal merits of us lending on the internet has been tested in the courts and has been validated and is completely legal.

Further – you contracted with us after receiving full contract disclosures of our business, the fees and payback provisions. We see letters like you have written us all the time and realize the information on the internet can be very misleading and is not always based in fact. Nonetheless, you must resolve your outstanding debt.

Per our records – you took out an online loan through our website electronically and money was sent to you electronically. As you read our website and read our disclosures, you should have realized that we are not actually lending you money in a storefront within your state.

In reviewing your account – I see that your account has been in good standing. I also see that you have only been making the payment of fees and have not made payments to reduce your actual loan balance. We recommend that with each payment that you would have made a payment of principle of at least $50 – had that happened, your loan would have been paid in full.

Here is what I am willing to do.

If you enter a settlement plan with me, I am willing to accept two more payments of $150 each to get your principle paid off in full. By doing so, we will waive all costs on your loan and apply the full amount of your payments to your principle and you loan will be paid off in two more payments. – Or – if you prefer three payments, we can do that as well with three $100 payments over three periods.

By paying off your loan – you will remain in good standing with us and with other payday lenders should you need a loan in the future. Further – we report your payments directly to the credit bureaus which helps you build good credit. Should you not reach a settlement agreement me and default on your loan, we are required to also submit that information to the credit bureaus and send your account off to collections.

You may email me back at the email address above. We can set up arrangements to collect payment either through your bank account on file, or through Debit or Credit Card – or Monday Order.

are they illegal? i looked it up and everything and did NOT find record of them being able to conduct business in CA.. Please help.

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stop!you posted this in another thread at tribal lender is legal period.respond that you overpaid,and they can pound sand.btw the part about you going online is equal to you stepping foot on tribal ground is retarded in the exterme.let them know that in your response.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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