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Hi rld,

I split this off onto its own thread:

I live in Texas and my husband had surgery in November and I had to resort to payday loans to get by. I am financially unable to continue with my payments as scheduled. I would like to know if they are legally operating in the State of Texas and what my choices are (get an attorney to contact them for arrangements, etc.) I have one online: CashBack Payday Advances ($400.00 payback $500 - 684.375% apr) and I have 3 local store loans: NCP Finance Limited Partnership (Advance America - $700.00 payback $842.05 - 822.98 apr); Cottonwood Financial Texas, LP (The Cash Store - $625.00 - payback $752.80 - 533.11% apr); East Texas Lenders, LP (Swift Cash - $1000.00 payback $1,206.60 - 314.2%). Are these loans legal and what are my options if I'm unable to pay. I give them checks dated for my next payday every time I have paid on them.

I will have to check on CashBack Payday, but if the other's are storefronts then they are legal. I don't really have eny experience with the storefronts, but I know a few people have and they will probably be along to give some advice...

I looked up cashback and didn't see that they were licensed, but you may want to check you paperwork just in case, they could be operating as a CSO

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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ncp fast cash is the new name for payday loan yes tele # 1-800-550-6051 ext 779

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I dont know about Quick Cash but I can tell you that there are legal licensed store fronts that do not offer any kind of plan. It is strictly up to the company and their policy. Try buying the loan down with a larger payment each time you go in.

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