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Has anyone been successful with Cash Call??

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I wanted to post this here - even thought they aren't really a payday loan...they sure operate one.

Has anyone AT ALL been successful with a settlement from them?


According to BBB, Cash Call has 971 complaints against them. Among this, 28 complaints were fully refunded in accordance with the consumer's request and 9 were partially refunded.

It is tough to negotiate with them but I don't think it is impossible.

But before negotiating with Cash Call, please go through the following (as said by one of our moderators - Suebeehoney70): -

CashCall is LEGAL. They are backed by a bank, and because they are, they can get away with the interest rate they are charging.

Do not attempt to treat this company like a PDL - they are NOT a PDL company.

This company CAN and WILL take you to court if you default. The only good thing about that is that if it happens, the interest rate will quite likely be set back to the state-allowed interest rate...but you will end up with a judgement on your credit record - unless you go through mediation in lieu of going to court, and a payment arrangement is set up.

The court is not going to care that CashCall is charging outrageous interest rates. All they will care about are the facts of your case - CashCall loaned you money - you agreed to the terms in the contract - you defaulted on the loan - CashCall wants to be paid. (Please don't take offense to that statement, I'm not trying to be harsh - just showing how it would go in court.) Unless you could prove that you had been making payments all along, and CashCall had wrongly accused you of defaulting, CashCall will win.

Until a governmental body sees fit to stop them from this highway robbery, they will continue. And from what I have seen on this forum about them (never had a loan with them myself), they are ruthless when it comes to being past due.

You can also get free advice and counseling from our community's financial experts.


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phoenix phoenix
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I doubt you will get a settlement with them. This thread is all about them: info.html

They are a legally operating company, so unless there is a good reason (in their mind) they are not going to refund you any money.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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