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I have 4 Loans I been trying to faithfully pay off, but realize its either bankruptcy/some other alternatives.
1. IGGY Loans(500)Northern Plain Funding(600)American Web Loan($700. NorthCash($500) I live in North Carolina
NorthCah 1st debit is Nov 22, other three total fees of debit are $486.50. No sent communication yet, I was on the bankruptcy sight, and realize, stopping ACH was my way out, all these are online loans.
Thanks in Advance!

All payday loans are illegal in NC. Follow the link in my signature line for full information on how to deal with illegal lenders.

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Payday lending is prohibited in NC. You owe them nothing more than the principal balance. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from your account. Don’t share any personal information with them.

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