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stop payment and ACH revocation

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I placed a stop payment WEEKS ago for a lender. I was told by the agent the stop pament was succesful and active. I had planned to close the account and had already opened a new account with another bank. I told BOA I had planned to close the account. I left just enough money for the pending items to post and clear. The item posted anyway and everything that was pending incurred an overdraft or NSF fee. I am now almost a thousand dollars in the negative. I have sent the lender an ACH revocation and have tried to talk to BOA about the stop payment posting anyway. The refuse to do anything and tell me they wont be able to do anything regarding the ACH revocation other than what they have already done. I feel BOA let the item post to the account so they could charge the fees preventing me from closing the account. I plan to go by and talk with a branch manager tomororw. Is there anything I can tell her or take to get them to do what they are SUPPOSED TO DO?! I also would like them to refund the fees they charged since they let the item post anyway

You do not have to do a stop pay with an ACH revocation. Did you give a copy to the bank? You need to talk to a branch manager...not a teller or personal banker. Any payment that goes thru after the ACH revocation date MUST be returned.

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