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I just got an e mail from Delbert that they tried to go into my account and payment was rejected from my bank, of course, I closed the account they have on file. I did not sign anything with them electronically as they wanted me to do on their web site. I took loan from Western Sky for $1000.00 have paid them for 11 months $198.07 and they expect me to pay them another year the same amount. This is the only and first communication they have with me regarding the loan. Shall I at this point send them a C&D letter,
and if so, are there one this forum that I can follow.
Any help I would appreciate, Thanks to all. I already filed complaints with the Florida Office of Financial regulation and I still waiting for the State of Florida to respond.

Send them a Cease and Desist letter via certified mail with return receipt request. You've paid much more than the principal amount already. You shouldn't pay any more money.

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Ask them for the refund, as you have already overpaid them. But it fully depends on their discretion whether or not to return back your money. Don’t share any personal information with them.

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