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Hello all:

Well, I am happy to say after sending the C&D letter to Sonic and explaining how my extension payments (here in Ohio) should be applied to my principal balance---they AGREED! They deducted the amount of my extension payments and only charged me the bank charge of $20 AND are allowing me to make monthly payments with a money order.

With zip19 (aka Northwest...), they are still not providing me with a U.S. address just the Malta one. I did call their e-care centers and spoke to a nice rep. I asked him to provide me in writing were to send the legal amount owed. He was very nice and did send me via email the appropriate letter--I do have to send it via moneygram for a cost of $4.00.

Lastly, for are sneaky! I printed out all the information from my previous loans to them and noticed how much I have paid over the legal amount owed!! So I sent them a c&d letter, and let them know I only owe them $44.00--due to all my past extension payments!! They have not responded and I can no longer log-in to their website.

I have to thank this forum and website for helping me through this. There is so much information on this website I wish I had known 1 year ago!

mycashnow blocked me as well as soon as I started giving them grief, instead of money. I would send a copy of the C and D letter to you sent to them over to Mr. William Reed at Credit Protection Depot. They will be the next people you hear from, so what not try and beat them to the punch? His fax number is 866-645-1662. I sent mine over and the next thing I know my mycashnow account was marked PIF and my PayDayMax account was PIF with just the remaining principal being paid. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Good luck and keep us posted.

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