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Please help, I received a loan through Western Sky that that immediately turned around and sold to Cash Call. After I found out that Western Sky was not a legal lender, I wrote Cash Call and told them that the loan was illegal. I got the standard "tribal law" bs that they always send.

Now they have sold my account to Delbert Services, who is a legal collection agency in the state of Oregon. Can they sue me for this money? I have no way of paying this back right now. I'm struggling just to pay for necessities.

Have you repaid any of the money? You should repay the principal balance but, the fact that the lender is not licensed renders the contract void. They can try to take you to court but they won't have a leg to stand on. You're not a member of their tribe so, you don't have to follow their laws.

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I haven't paid them anything yet. I do intend to pay the principle, but I'm not in a position to do so at this time. How do I handle Delbert Services? They keep calling and emailing me. Apparently they did send them a debt validation letter, but I didn't see it until after 30 days had past. Do I now owe them the money because I didn't respond in time?

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No. You don't owe them anything. I would not pay a 3rd party collector a DIME on an illegal loan. The contract you have with WS is technically void and the 3rd party collector has NO authority whatsoever to collect on it.

I would go ahead and send them a letter telling them you dispute the validity of this debt and ask for validation of the debt and proof that you owe it.

They cannot validate an illegal loan. You could also send them a cease and desist.

Do NOT pay a 3rd party collector on an illegal loan. ONLY pay the original lender.

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