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I just got off the phone with PLS Payday Loan Store. When I asked them about an EPP, they told me that I am not eligible for it as I have a SMART loan as opposed toa PRLA loan? What?

They said we will be garnishing your wages per the Wage Assignment. I told her that has been revoked via mail and my company will not accept. Mind you this is a storefront in IL. She advised me that I can come back in and get back on the payment plan by end of week.

Now I am really confused as to what to do! :( Help!

Please someone help!

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Do you have a copy of your agreement?? Sounds like some kind of installment loan.

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Yes, it is an installment loan. I found out that they call them look alike loans and they are not governed by PLRA I guess.

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Moni - they are installment loans. Be aware that PLS "steers" customers from PDL's to installment loans. They make more $ that way.

Don't go in and "re-sign" another loan. Just pay what you can. I had several default and it went to their internal collections and am paying that way. No additional interest can accrue.

I did speak with an attorney who told me that wage assignments are revocable, to garnish your wages they need to sue, but they haven't filed any lawsuits since 2006.

So, as long as you are paying them, you should be okay. IMHO, just pay them as quickly as you can so you can be done with them. Their internal collections dept can be nasty. Just watch out for a Mr. Hull (or Hall). When my lawyer called him, he said that Mr. Hull was an a$$! LOL. Love my lawyer. ;)

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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Thank u so much!!!!! I will do this asap!

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