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I currently have 3 PDLs out that I cannot continue to keep paying for all in one lump sum. Is there a way to consolidate the loans into a small payment plan?

ok, someone will ask you shortly to list the companies you owe and how much and the state you live in....meanwhile i recomend you do the work yourself and you'll save alot of money which can go to paying these scum bags off! you only have three which means it will be alot easier, start by naming the companies, the amount you owe them, storefront or internet and the state you live in :) you're not alone and we're here to help you!!! i do not recomend hiring a company that will do this for you, they picture it really nice but in the end, you spend way more money and they don't garantee the job!!! becareful!

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Paulie Paulie

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If payday lending is legal in your state and if the payday lenders are licensed to operate in your state, then you can consolidate the loans in order to get a better payment plan. As Paulie has suggested, you can do it yourself by contacting the payday lenders and negotiating with them for consolidation. If you're unable to negotiate with them, then you can think of taking help from a debt relief company in this regard.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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bakerjon bakerjon

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Let's find out what the poster's situation is before we start offering consilidation advice and suggesting debt relief companies.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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