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Sorry if this is posted twice, I think I put it in the wrong place the first time.

I got a loan for $150 from 500fastcast. I know it was stupid, but I didn't have a choice at the time. Shortly after I took out the loan a company called Fast Cash Fast started taking $30 ACH debits out of my account, they did this 3 times. I called my bank and told them I had no idea who this fast cash fast person was, so they returned the money to me. I'm lead to believe that Fast Cash Fast got my info from 500 Fast Cash. I shut my checking account down a week ago today and opened a new one with the same bank. Now this is my question, I know I owe 500 fast cash the $150 I borrowed plus the interest for a total of $195. I have it set up to make just one payment. Can I just e-mail them telling them that my account is now closed, the reason and that I will send a money order for the full amount on September 3rd...that's when my SSD will be deposited. I live in the State of Pennsylvania by the way. Thanks for any help. Penny

First off, please register with the forum so that you can see answers to your posts. Payday loans are illegal in PA which means you are only morally responsible for paying back the original amount borrowed, nothing more nothing less. You borrowed $150 and that is all that you owe 500 fast cash. On this site, click on link on how to deal with unlicensed lenders. Follow every step, do not skip. Communicate with lender via email only. Any questions, let us know!

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