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I need to know what pdl is affliated with SGQ processing. I called back to Jackson, Phillips and Associates to see if they could tell me but Dean McCoy told me that the company took wrote a cease and desist letter. But I want to know because truthfully I have forgotten the other name of the company. On my bank statement it says just SGQ processing. I have taken out other pdls but all of them keep in touch via email with me. SGQ processing doesn't do that. But what is so funny is how they can't contact me to tell me the problem with my loan being in default but they can pass my information along to jerks like Dean McCoy and he could tell me all of my information. Is that another way for them to try to get people caught up in their mess? :P :x

Don't talk to the collection agency if they can't give you any information about the loan with SGQ Processing. They might be using some tactics to get money from you. If they don't have your account and you send them money, it will only go to their pocket. Your loan with SGQ processing will never get paid.

Call SGQ Processing at 1-866-828-6351 and verify your account. Their fax number is 866-828-6352

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I got a $200 loan from these guys in april of 2007, and I have already paid them $360. I put a stop payment on it so maybe i would get a statement or something. But some lady from bad debt investigations called me saying I still owed them $420. and if I didn't pay by the end of the month that they would take me to court. What do I do?

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this company is a rip off and we should report them to which is a worldwide consumer reporting Web site and publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about companies or individuals.

i am experience a similar situation and i already paid off my loan with them- hope things did work out for you.

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These people are rude and are a rip off. They told me I was going to be arrested if I did not pay them $820 on a $300 loan immediately. The money was sent Western Union and I did get some kind of receipt. I am worried this is not over. Please be aware of this scam

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ur right, they are rip offs. I got a $250 loan from them, they took out their "refinance" fee a couple of times, and at that time I ran into a financial hardship. Because of my hardship, my account was closed. It hasn't been a month and I'm already getting harrassing calls at work. The collector's claiming that the cops are going to arrest me if I don't pay them $540. At first I was scared. So when I called back to tell them that I would borrow money to pay them back, the collector told me to call back in 30 minutes. Now, what kind of collection agency tells u to call back so they can check with the company if it's okay to accept the payment in full ($540 not $250)? I think their crooks!

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does anyone have the address for sgq processing company? please help

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Does anyone have a valid web address for S G Q processing?

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I dont know if this will help you, but when I dealt with SGQ they were part of BMG (Bhamas Marketing Group). I honestly dont know if they are one in the same.

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What is the curent fax number for SGQ?

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I have it written down somewhere I will post when I find it.

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