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I received a call from a 'so-called' attorney out of CA yesterday about a loan from VIP loan shop from 7/11. I need to see how much I have paid them back. He informs me that I am the defendant in a law suit and wants to know if I can be served papers at work for breach of contract. He says that if I pay the balance he can submit paperwork to the state for motion of forfeiture. I live in the state of FL. Is this legit? Can I be sued for this balance? If not, how can I get them to stop harassing me? He even told the secretary who answered the phone that I was in a law suit and that I might not even be aware of it. Gave her information.

Just copied this from another post. Hope you can use the same info that is if you have paid back more than you borrowed. The so-called attorney is feeding you a bunch of BS. On this site click on paydayloan loan help, then click on sticky on how to deal with illegal lenders and keep us posted on your progress

Let me try and help here. I had a loan with VIP and did receive a refund. The contact person that I talked with via email was a David Cobbett, DMA Financial Corp, Chief Compliance Officer, 1700 E. Desert Inn Rd., Ste. 207, Las Vegas, NV 89169 with a phone number of 702-737-9500. Email address is We went back and forth and finally received my refund. Since you have overpaid, I would definitely send him via email a refund request. I hope that this information is still correct.

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I really doubt that an attorney called you since an attorney in CA is not licensed to practice in Florida! Report them to the florida AG's office....and ignore these goons.

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