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So I took out a PDL from 3B payday loans -- they sent me a preapproval letter and everything. So I'm like 'rad, let's do this".

I got my loan and then was on here reading some things and stumbled across a post that 3B is illegal. My fiancee's dad works for Missouri Finance dept, so he checked for me and found out they were. I sent an ACH revocation -- I have paid $90 so far -- 80 interest and 10 principle--and received a very threatening email from them. I will post that below. What is my recourse? Can they sue me -- they are out of Vancouver BC and are some indian tribe too.

I told them in my ACH revocation letter that I will pay back the principal owed, but only with money orders. They didn't listen to me.

all emphasis/italics are my editorial comments. Please advise. I have contacted the Missouri Dept. of Finance already

Andrea Gioia

I’m not sure why you think all of a sudden we can’t loan in your State?You received the funds!The customer service department does not lend to states where pay day lending is illegal.

You also sign a TILA (Truth in Lending Agreement) before the funds are issued to make you aware of your responsibilities.

We are the payment services department for the servicing center that arranged your online loan or line of credit and we are not a 3rd party which would require a license.

You just obtained the Line of Credit from us on the July 9th/2013 It’s your choice on how you want to pay the loan back.1. Pay in full by your next pay period 2. Pay the interest and fees to keep the original amount you obtained in good standings

I don’t think I need to explain how we work since you have been with our company for a long time. Lies. This was my first loan with them

Here are your Choices - You owe our company $390.00 dollars.1. You can pay your loan in full by you next payday this would be Aug 15th / 2013.

2. You can make payments arrangements to divide the payments up.Which I am willing to do and told them as such, but only by money order

If either of these choices does not work for you we will be then forced to proceed on your account. Here is what will take place.

1. We will call your Human Resources Dept. This is to do a verification of employment to gather the info we need to proceed.

2. We will gather all the information need from our Debt and Customer Service. FYI - every time you called in, emailed or did a Live Chat we have all the notes what you agreed upon. We have also each time we called you.

FYI – Andrea – I was just reading your loan you obtained with customer service and you had no issue’s with us when you wanted the funds! You also have 2 other loans out Yes, with two other NON ILLEGAL COMPANIES did you do the same thing.

YOUR LOAN IS TO BE PAID IN FULL ASAP.We will not play games with you. You have until the end of the week to reach us or we are proceeding. We also have the Legal Binding Contact you signed with our company each time you received a loan.

3. We will add all fees and interest since your loan came back to us and your amount will go up whether or not you revoked the ACH.

4. We will be placing your Debt with a 3rd Party Agency or Debt Buyer – We will recommend Legal Action. Once the file is sold the 3rd parties have the right to affect your Credit and proceed as we have requested. We don’t choose to go down that road. WE are here to help you however if you refuse to pay your loan you will leave us with no choice but to proceed. Let us know what your choice is as we are already starting to prepare your account for recommended Legal Action due to you sending in the email and revoking the ACHS. MY SILVER SAFEFIRST WEST COAST FINANCIAL SERVICES

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amgioia amgioia

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And now I just got this. I am beyond freaked at this point. Could someone PLEASE offer some advice

Andrea, We are a Legal Loan. The contract you signed with TILA is proof. We are the payment services department for the servicing center that arranged your online loan or line of credit and we are not a 3rd party which would require a license.A License is required if we were a 3rd Party Agency or a Debt Buyer. WE ARE NEITHER. We are a Servicing Center with My Silver Safe / First West Coast Financial Service. We are a First Party NOT A 3RD Party. This is a large difference. We follow ALL the Laws in the states. We would NOT LEND TO YOU if we were Illegal. The Company would not exist. Here is your Balance 390.00. As of right now we have no added interest or fees onto the account.Ether you can pay in full OR you can split the payments up. Now being in the Payment Services Department we don’t go through your account.You can either pay by – Pre Paid Debit Card, Debit Card, Visa or Master Card. This is your choice. However if you choose not to pay the loan then we will have to proceed on the account to a 3RD Party Agency or a Debt Buyer. We will remcommend Legal Action on the account.Also we will add all the interest and fees. I don’t want to go down this road. However we will if we need to. Thank- YouMY SILVER SAFEFIRST WEST COAST FINANCIAL SERVICES

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amgioia amgioia

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