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Spot Loan should I do anything?

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So all my loans illegal/legal with the except of WS/CC are done, paid, settled. I had a Spotloan loan and I sent them all the ach/wage revoc letters and paid back the principal months ago like in early June. They haven't contacted me once or anything but when I log onto the account it says I still owe like $750. Which is all "interest". I took out a loan for $500 and I live in Michigan. Should I be worried that they'll come after me? It's been like 4 months and haven't heard a peep. Seems odd.

I doubt they will come after you, they may turn over to a CA down the road, which at that time you will send a C&D.. Curious though when you say you sent them the revoke letter and then paid back the principal - did you do this before they agreed to your terms or did you have something from them in writing say they agreed to accept principal only?

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I paid back the principal first then I sent them all the revoke letters. I just worded my post wrong. I first paid the principal then closed my bank account and sent the letters. They wouldn't agree that I was paid in full.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it - if they ever send you to a CA - just send them a C&D

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