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Ameriloan? Advice needed Thank you in advance

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I had 3 PDL's. I paid one off.

The other two were with CashJar and Ameriloan.

Thankfully I found this site as I was going under and fired off an email to both of them using the template posted here.

Cashjar replied favorably offering to close the account as Paid in Full for 40.00 (400 dollar loan, 3 $120 payments).

The day after I sent the email I started getting phone calls from "Dana Porter, "investigator"". All sorts of threats, 2 hour window to settle it yet she called again 24 hours later. Execute something or other at my home or place of employment, etc...

My brother is also getting the same phone calls

I haven't received any reply from Ameriloan and so I assume it's them making the calls. Am I right in that assumption?

I sent them a follow up email just saying that I haven't received a response and that I'm looking forward to their cooperative and amicable resolution to this matter.

I'm the dummy that took this loan so I can deal with the phone calls but what can my brother do to stop the calls or what can I do to stop the calls to my brother?

Any advice on how to deal with them going forward?

I would suggest both of you block the calls at min, and I would be reporting them to the FTC as well. Have your brother keep the messages if he can - you may need them later.. Most important just don't talk to them at all.

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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I'm not sure that blocking the calls is possible. When they call my brother it's from a private number and when they call me it's a different number each time.

They also don't identify themselves in any way specifically as any company or corporation. Typically it's, "My name is Dana Porter. I'm investigating a case against you involving defrauding a financial institution. If you fail to contact me referencing case number xxxxxxx we will execute ....blah, blah..."

Given that they don't offer a name how does one report them to the FTC?

I hate to ask my brother to do anything, I already feel terrible that he's even getting these calls. Is it very important that I ask him to do that?

If you don't mind, and thank you dearly for your help, I have to ask about Ameriloan:

I sent an email to them stating that I realized the loan was illegal and offered to pay the principal. It was the next day that my brother and I started getting these phone calls.

I haven't received a response from Ameriloan but also the day after I sent the email my account showed a balance of $520 but $0.00 due on interest, $0.00 due on principal and $0.00 on next payment.

I sent a follow up email a few days after the original simply stating that I understand some deliberation may be necessary in certain situations but given the gravity of an illegality I expect a speedy response.

I got none.

Today I sent this email

I have contacted you twice previously and have not received a response regarding the legality of this loan. I am upset and angered to be involved in illegal activity if what I've been advised legally is true. I set forth in my original email a payment plan to pay back the principal of this loan so that we can both be unburdened with skirting the law. Please contact me immediately by email or postal mail to confirm and accept my offer to repay the principal of the loan on the terms I previously provided. While I'm sure you are as upset as I am to discover the illegality of this matter I am also confident that you are as willing as I am to settle this matter without involving the FTC, AG and any other authority governing illegal loans, be it local, state or federal authority. Thank you in advance for accepting my offer of repayment of principal and I look forward to receiving that acceptance in writing with an address that I can send stated payments to. Until that happens I will not be making further payments. I require a response no later than ten days from today, 8/17/2013. After that my offer is revoked.

I don't expect a response. My question is: What do i do going forward?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help I already got and also for anything any of you can do advising me going forward.

I promise to pay this information forward!

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I wouldn't even give another thought to someone making threats, that just what they are and nothing more. You can't report to the BBB if you don't know who to report is true but just don't answer the phone. Tell you brother you are a victim of a scam if needed and not to answer any numbers he does not know or either private numbers. As far as repaying Ameriloan just tell them when and what you will pay and be done with it. Be sure your bank account is secure, you revoked ACH with Ameriloan and gave a copy of revocation to your bank. You pay on your terms to an illegal not theirs. If you made any payments then deduct that from the principal and pay the difference.

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