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I admit I had a lapse in judgement and was stupid. Now I'm taking control and getting rid of these scammers. However, I need a little advice. Here is what I have:

Cash-Taxi $1190/$1487 pay back
VIP Loan $500/ huge pay back
Castle $500/ huge pay back

I have let Cash-Taxi and VIP bounce to give me some time. I am going to stop the ACH at my bank and then send emails with my offer. Any other suggestions? Do I really need to close the bank account? None of these are licensed in TN as far as I can tell. Also, the limit is $500 in TN and Cash-Taxi loaned over double that.


Since you have already overpaid them, so ask them for the refund. You are required to pay them only the principal. No interest, no fees. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from your account.

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I had a Cash Taxi loan and sent them a letter revoking ach and wage assignment. Gave them my terms to pay back and they accepted and gave a pif letter. No problems with them at all. Since you overpaid send them (all of them) an ach/wage revoke letter and tell them you over paid. I would still shut down your bank account because you can't trust any of them.

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Mitch Mitch

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Like Mitch said, close down your account and get a new one regardless, they will try ALL kinds of stuff to recoup anything they think they can get. When I shut down my account last year, they went right to calls and emails. One even had the nerve to present a 'check' based from the Bahamas and the bank paid it from my new account!! Once I fought that issue and the fraud department looked at the 'check' with my name misspelled and all in lower case letters and signature line stated 'electronic signature on file' they realized it was a fraud check. But since that issue, no problems.

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Tomm Tomm

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Thanks for the suggestions. For Cash Taxi, I have not overpaid as of yet and still owe. Can I still send them a settlement offer on my terms for the payback as opposed to one lump sum? Does the ACH revocation letter have to come from the bank? They are operating illegally in TN, as are the other two. Also, can I stop them from calling my work? THanks again!!

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Actually, I haven't overpaid and I still owe. I was curious about sending them a settlement letter for the principle only and making payment on my terms.

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you payback these illegals the principle,or the remainder of,and when you can,and how much you can.illegals have no leverage,but will act like it.they are lucky to get back the principle.once you close/secure your account you are in control.that goes for the calls at work as well.tell everyone including your boss that you are the victim of fraud,and that these are scams.that should help,but no ACH revocation letters come from you as you bring those to the bank when you see a manager to take care of the account,but it must be secured/closed.can't stress that enough.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I sent cash taxi a repayment of the principal on my terms in an email along with an ach revoke letter and they immediately settled. I did 2 monthly installments and I got the template for the revoke letter from this website.

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Mitch Mitch

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