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I'm in CA has anyone ever delt with these people? I took out a loan for 600.00, found out they are not licensed in CA and sent the appropriate e-mails stating I would pay the principle of the loan only. No interest charges. I did not receive any response to my e-mails, now they are calling me at work daily. When I asked for an address to send a money order they get nasty, make threats and hang up on me. Any advise?

I posted earlier but it's not showing up so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

I have dealt with OCC. I basically got tired of all my money goin to them and not being able to pay my bills. I stopped my direct depost, filed a complaint with my attorney general and sent an ACH revocation letter. Their payment was supposed to go through my account on December 23. They hadn't received the ACH letter yet (or something) so the payment was returned. I called them a few days later and inquired as to whether they were licensed in my state. The man with whom I spoke immediately ended the call. Since then, they have not attempted to debit my account or contact me. However, I have paid them thousands of dollars and my state is involved in litigation with them so that may be why they haven't contacted me.

I would advise filing a complaint with the FTC and your attorney general and sending the ACH revocation letter that can be found on this site. I belive that CA is pretty consumer friendly so they may stop harassing you once you advise them that you have filed said complaints.

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Rocky Racoon Rocky Racoon

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Thank you, Rocky Racoon

I have filed all the complaints, sent the revocation letters in December. So far they have not attempted to debit my account. I did open up a new checking account at another bank and have most of my check going to it. I have one payment coming out of the old account, so I was unable to close it on short notice. They did not call me at work yesterday (that I know of), but there were probably 10 or so hangup calls during the day and one "please wait for the next represenetative", which I placed on hold and left there. I am also getting a lot of 'missed' calls on my cell, mostly from Unavailable or a 786 number with a full mail box.

With the help of the letters on this site, I think I'm well covered if things get nasty. Made screen shots of my e-mail letter (which stated I am willing to pay back the principal of the loan less payments made) and their response back saying they had received it, put both on a thumb drive and placed the drive in 'my' box in the safe at work.

Good luck! I hope you are able to resolve everything to your favor.

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confusedinca confusedinca

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