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Hi, I have registered but have not gotten my email with a password.
I have found (through your site) that I have several illegal PDL's ( am in Ohio) I have overpaid. I would like to stop the ACH, I cannot close my current account. I have not defaulted on any of them, but am getting to the point that I cannot sleep at night and need to get these out of my life forever. Please advise how I should word my letters to my bank. I did get the "sample Letters" to the PDL companies.
Thank you so much for your help and this site! Am already seeing light at the end of the tunnel and have done nothing yet!

Just curious, why can't you close your bank account? If you mean you sent PDL's ACH revocation letter, you will have to give your bank a copy and tell bank to mark your account deposit only status immediately (hopefully you will be able to close your account and obtain a new one not associated in any way with old account) On this site is step by step instructions on how to deal with lenders which i believe also includes a letter demanding refunds.

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