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Can someone tell me where do I find a revocation letter to send to the companies to stop them from debiting my account

Hi there - you can find letters in the do it yourself section above. You should visit some of the other forums before sending out the letters, there is a lot of helpful information on them. I am learning as I go about these jerks. A lot of these companies are illegal. From everything I have read, you cannot get them to stop without actually closing out your account. They are sneaky and will use other forms to get the money out. I put stop payments on them but have been told that they will try and debit using a different name...... good luck

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The guest post has informed you correctly. You can find the template on this site at the do it yourself section for the C and D letter. And again, they will stop at nothing. They will debit under another dba, they will send through a paper check, stop payments really are not effective. Best thing you can do is close out the account and open another. I did so at the same bank, but they assured me that they would not link my old account with my new. Just be sure that your "old" account will not be forced open by a debit hitting it. However, DO NOT send the letters out until you have your bank account closed/secured. If the PDL gets wind of what is going on, they will go in empty out your account. Keep us posted.

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