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Today I received a letter from National Credit Adjusters stating they are collecting for PGL now. The letter stated I owed 1,597.62.

Back in 2012 I took out a loan for 1,000. Since then I have made 10 payments of 128.04 totaling 1,288.40. I know that PGL is illegal in the state of Louisiana. Should I contact them for a PIL and request refund for over payment? Should I explain this to National Credit Adjusters? Anyone with any success stories dealing with PGL or National Credit Adjusters?


You wont get a refund so there is no point even asking.
Send this to them.
Dear National Credit Adjusters..

I hereby demand that you cease and desist any and all contact with me and anyone associated with me in regards to a loan with Plain Green Loans.
You are collecting for a tribal loan lender that is unlicensed in my state of Louisiana, thus making the loan itself NULL AND VOID. Legally I do not owe them a penny. Thus I never expect to hear back from you again...of course unless you decide to violate the FDCPA which I would gladly pursue you for damages.

Govern yourself accordingly

Send this certified mail, return receipt requested.

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Plain Green is an illegal lender. You owe them only the principal balance. Since you have already overpaid them, so ask them for the refund. But it fully depends on their discretion whether or not to return back your money. Close down your bank account immediately.

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I e-mailed PGL about the legality of their operation and the next day they agreed I would only pay back the principal.

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Is PGL illegal in the state of KY? I borrowed $1000.00 and to date have paid them over 2200.00 with a balance still remaining of 600.00. I emailed to see if I could spread the 600.00 out to make the payment more manageable and they were not agreeable.

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no tribal lenders is legal in KY a lender must have a physical presence meaning a storefront to be legal so no this is an illegal lender.close your account,and pay no heed to whoever caklls/contacts you on this as you overpaid the loan.

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