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I live in PA and I took out an online payday loan with plain greens over two years ago. I've only paid the finance charge once and had to stop the payments because I was so far behind in everything else. I am now receiving calls from Queen City Arbitration. I am willing to make $100 dollar payments biwkly to pay off the $600 loan. However, Natalie from Queen City Arbitration says that I can pay $100 biwkly, but will have to pay a total of 1650.00 if $600 is not paid by the end of November. What can I do?

since no loan especially a tribal one is legal in tell natalie the humanoid you only owe the 600.00 minus the one debit whatever that also pay it on your terms not theirs.if they get testy do not talk to them again as stated only owe 600.00 minus the one debit,and there isn't squat they can do as PA is non-garnisment,and this place is a bottomfeeder.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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sub #2-I have a green dot debit card to pay the plain green loan. Should I give Natalie a list of dates that the money will be available on the card? Thanks so much for your advice.

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paulmergel. Thanks for your info. I am getting confused with the sub#'s

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Queen City Arbitation is a buffalo NY collection agency. Send them a cease and desist and tell them to go to hell...that you will pay back the principal on this loan at YOUR convienence by money order only. The loan is ILLEGAL, which means legally you owe them nothing...morally you should pay back the principal. Do a cease and desist in writing...

Dear Queen CIty...I hereby demand you cease and desist any and all contact with me and anyone assoicated with me in regards to an alleged payday loan thru Plain Green Loans. Plain Green is a unlicensed tribal lender, who is not authorized to loan money ANYWHERE in the US. In addition, I live in the state of PA where paypal lenders are specifially prohibited by state law. Failure to abide by this cease and desist wll result in my happily pursing you for violations of the FDCPA.

Govern yourself accordingly

Send this certified mail,return receipt request.

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do not pay any other way than money orders at your schedule.again you owe 600.00 minus the one debit.if natalie don't like it then she,and the bottomfeeder get not back down from this stance.

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