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Plain Green Loans and Mobiloans in South Carolina

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I have 2 internet loans. Both Tribal.

Loan 1 is Plan Green Loans
Original Amount borrowed $1000
Monthly payment is 121.42
I've made 10 payments totaling 1214.20
Current Principal balance is 825.42
14 remaining payments.

Loan 2 is Mobiloans
Original Amount: $600
I've added to it 3 times (90,115.50, and 57)
So total principal borrowed is 862.50
Looks like i've paid a total of 974.81
Current balance is 580.57

So I've paid more than the principal on both loans. Are these even legal in South Carolina? I can't find anything that says yes or no on any site that looks official. If I'm obligated I will keep paying but if it isn't legal then I'd rather not keep paying all the interest.

All tribal lenders are illegal. On this site, click on link on how to deal with illegal lenders, follow all steps. Any questions, let us know.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 12/10/2013 - 02:15

bingonut bingonut

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I just spoke with my states consumer finance division and she confirmed neither were licensed in this state regardless of what they say. She recommended closing my accounts right away.

I will follow the steps in the how to and get everything handled tomorrow. Thanks for a great site.

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You are welcome. Please register with the forum so you will see answers to your questions...keep us posted on progress

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 12/11/2013 - 00:04

bingonut bingonut

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Just an update for anyone that may come across this in a search.

I used the contact us form for both lenders and stated my original loan amount and how much I had paid (more than the principal in both cases.)

About 2 days later I received emails from both stating that they were sorry I was not satisfied and that my loans were now closed and no further ACH requests would be made. The letters from the 2 were pretty much Identical.

Of course I don't trust them so I have still closed the account.

It's a big relief not to have to pay these anymore. I definitely learned a big lesson with this type of loan.

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