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I have got myself into quite the mess. I am not looking for a lecture trust me I am kicking myself as it is. I went through a hard time and made the poor decision of getting a couple payday loans. Now I need to pay them all. I have payment plans set up but I cannot afford to pay them all and I am not sure the reprocsussions if i have to put them off. Also because they have tryied tot ake money from my account I am overdrawn in my checking account. I opened a new account so that I am able to use my entire check and try to gain control of the situation however I have to get the overdrawn amount paid inthin the next 15 days or they will close my account. So my question is do I let them close my bank account and take the reprocussions of paying that debt off later or do I put off the paydays loans. I know I can only do what I can do but I need to know the best route to take and the consequences. I plan to pay back all my debt it is just the fact that it is going to take some time. Thanks for you help, any advice would be great. Also my credit is poor due to a divorce so I dont believe getting a loan is an option. Also even if i make paying the loans off my top priority it wont be under the "terms they are setting please help

First, we need to know what state you live in, what are the name of loan companies you owe, how much was the loan for and how much you paid back. You need find out if these loans are legal in your state.

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okay I have a loan with
*EZ payday cash the original was about 650..
I have paid very little on this one my payments have been returned
*Check City the amount was 1500 I have paid about 500 but because of retunred amounts I owe nearly 2500 If I can make three large paymets in the next month they will lower my total to 1800
*Check Smart for 650. Havent paid on this one it just came due
Money 4 U was for 1500 I pay 150 each week and my balance now is about 1600.

I live in Utah. Thanks for your help

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EZ payday cash 650..they a broker...illegal
*Check City legal storefront
*Check legal ..storefront
Money 4 U looks like storefront so legal

Unfortunately your loans are mostly legal. Follow the link in my signature line for info on the illegal lender. As for the storefront loans,call their corportate offices for an epp.

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