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I'm wondering if anyone has ever had this happen and what I need to do. Back in June of 2006 I had a place calling themselved Pre-litigation contact me about 3 payday loans I had, they used the same threats on me and I was one of the stupid ones and sent them the money. STUPID STUPID STUPID ME...anyway fast forward to 2008. Back in June I started getting phone calls from very heavy accent man who did the same threats such as arrest and all that good stuff. This time no longer afraid. So I contact an attorney for consumer rights and a suit is in progress. My question is this. I'm guessing that whoever it was I sent my money too in 2006 took it and ran thus never paying the loans. So I tried to contact the only 1 of the 3 I could remember that I borrowed from (mind you this was in 2006 & I thought I had long since paid them) to see if they had received their money. THEY WOULDN'T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT THE LOAN. I wasn't wanting a new loan, just wanted to find out if they had received their money. She asked for my name and my security questions and said we are not able to approve you a loan at this time and I'm unable to discuss anyting futher with you. I asked her if there was anyone else there who could, she put me on hold for about 1 minute and said no there's not is there anything else I can help you with. How in the world am I suppose to find out if I owe these people money or not still if they won't talk to me.

i wouldn't worry about the pdl's because the thick accented idiot is in india.he can't and won't do anything.him being out of
the country it's difficult to really do much to him or his evil
company,if you can call it that.just do not talk to the mope squad and they will move on.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I guess I'm not really worried, my lawyer traced them to an outfit out of OKC and has sent letters to them. It just kind of blew me away when mycashnow wouldn't even discuss MY ACCOUNT with me. I didn't want money, just to know if they got paid. Jeeze, you would have thought they would have wanted to help me if they thought the might get their money...Guess not !!

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to these companies 2yrs is like 10yrs.once they did whatever
they did they forgot you existed.also did your lawyer get an actual address and not a shell.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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If 2 yrs is like 10 I hope my calling them didn't put me back on their radar (haha). Yes he got a physical adress in Oklahoma City and sent me copies of everything he sent to them. Of course they didn't use the correct company name when they contacted me but he found out who it was and if you look them up on the net you get the same address and information. Of course I am assuming that is an actual address but they advertise their debt collection at this address. I guess we'll wait and see.

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Might be a drop box in OK City, you never know. You can also ask for a DV letter and see if they send it.

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kscornell kscornell
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