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Has anyone else dealt with Platimun B?

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Okay I am now fighting with Platinum B. They sent me a letter in reference to my ACH Revoke and my request that they are licensed..blah blah blah....and told me that they appreciated the fact that I was informed but the truth was that I was the one who excepted the original funds so it was pretty much back on me and they would not consider my loan PIF until I paid the principal of $300 back....well this morning I see that they tried to not only debit my old account for $90, but they also threw in an additional $30. So I just sent them the message below:

I can not believe that you can say with a straight face that this loan will not be considered paid in full until the principal amount of $300 has been paid. I received the $300 loan on 11/20/07, since that date I have paid $90 every two weeks to you people for a grand total of $1440. Today I learned that you attempted to not only debit my account for another $90 but you also attempted to debit it for an additional $30.... how is that doing honest business especially when I sent an ACH revoke to your company last week due to the fact that I am questioning your fees due to unfair business practices. I was willing to just settle this as paid in full since I have paid an ungodly amount in fees but now I am going to the Better Business Bureau to get some of my money back. Also, my account is blocked due to my ACH Revoke and the debits you tried to get will be returned....

Sincerely, Karen Hutcheson

I can't believe these idiots. Now I want this money back this is crazy! Idiots!

If I remember correctly aren't you in Indiana?
If I were you, the next step would be to write to the AG. I can give you the email address I used. Explain the situation in as much detail as possible. I can also, if you like, send you a copy of the email I sent to them. There isn't much they can do, other than try to Mediate, and they will have you fill out and online form. But the point will get across to these bozos.

Now, try to find out who the processor of their ACH is. Someone else here might know off hand, but if not, do some research in the search box. Once you find out who the processor is.. Platinum and their processor both a copy of the email you send to the attorney general. Be specific, state that you know they are operating illegally, and that they have thus far refused to honor your requests for validation, and have continued to fraudently debit your bank account even after you have revoked ACH authorization. When you send the letter to Platinum and the processor.. Don't say anything more than, Please see the attached email that was sent to the Indiana State Attorney Generals Office.

I made sure to start off my email to the pdl's with "Since you are unwilling or unable to provide me with the requested documentation, I have no choice but to proceed with my complaints to the BBB... ect." I included copies of my emails to the pdl with the letter to the AG. That way they can see that you attempted to contact them and get it resolved. Just my 2 cents. I hope it helps.. Got get 'em!

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jennifer_bailey75 jennifer_bailey75

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Yes, Jen I would love the information that you have for the Indiana AG...I am also having a hard time with CTC and Thanks so much! Karen (aka Cardskh)

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If you go ahead and sign up here, I can private message you the copy of the email I sent to the AG. :)

The email address for the AG's office is:

I don't know if any of those are legal in Indiana or not, but Indiana law says that if they are not licensed here, they are not legal.

I included a copy of the state laws, as well as this letter below with every email I sent to the PDL's. They don't like it when you know what you're taking about.. lol ...

Investigation by the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions (???????Department???????) has
determined that your company is among several unlicensed entities making or offering
consumer loans to residents of Indiana via the internet.
Depending on the type of loan being offered, your company is in violation of IC 24-4.5-
3-502 and/or IC 24-4.5-7-102. These statutes reference consumer loans, and/or Small
Loans (commonly referred to as ???????Payday Loans???????) and require a license issued by this
office in order to make these consumer loans.
During the recently concluded session of the Indiana General Assembly, there was a
change to the statute governing the territorial application of the Indiana Uniform
Consumer Credit Code, including the Indiana Small Loan Act. Effective July 1, 2007, IC
24-4.5-1-201 requires internet lenders to be licensed, and to comply with Indiana law,
when making loans to Indiana residents. Additionally, IC 24-4.5-1-201( reads ???????If a
creditor has violated the provisions of this article that apply to the authority to make
consumer loans (IC 24-4.5-3-502), the loan is void and the debtor is not obligated to pay
either the principal or loan finance charge, as set forth in IC 24-4.5-5-202.???????
You are advised to Cease and Desist the offering of these types of loans to Indiana
residents unless/until you have obtained the proper Indiana loan license. Consumers will
be advised that these loans are not in compliance with Indiana Statutes and that these
loans are considered null and void, and as a result, uncollectible. Additionally, the
Department may seek injunctive relief under IC 24-4.5-6 in the event of continued noncompliance.
All Financial Institutions operating within the state of Indiana will be advised that
electronic payment and / or paper/check transactions connected with these illegal loans
should be rejected if an entity is unlicensed. Consumers will also be advised on the
procedure to stop electronic debits to their accounts using return codes.
Questions concerning the acquisition of a loan license may be directed to this office.
Information is also available via our website at

Mark B. Tarpey
Supervisor ???????? Consumer Credit Division

Hope this helps!

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jennifer_bailey75 jennifer_bailey75

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I went to the BBB to also file a complaint for SMJ/ Platinum B and even though they have the correct phone number and the contact person listed is the person trying to contact me, it states that they had to close the previous complaints because the company could not be located. I went ahead and filed another complaint both under the Kansas address and the West Indies address (the BBB does not have the West Indies address) I forgot to add the link to check the status of this one on my puter and I can not locate a link to check the status of Kansas complaints I wish the BBB would send me an email.

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Card. . I wish I knew who their processor is. Can you call your bank's ACH department and ask them to give you the identifying info on the most recent attempted debit? Since it was just done, I am sure it will be nothing for them to get that info to you. That attempted debit may just be the best thing the PDL could have done for you. Keep us posted.

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llw1995 llw1995

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Yes, I already tried that on Friday when I saw they were continuing to debit the account. The bank tried to be helpful but the only phone number they could find turned out to be SMJ which is Platinum B also. I don't know why they couldn't locate it.

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