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Has anyone ever heard of PDL Recovery Group LLC? I received a call from them saying that they represent VIP Cash. I did an application with VIP but when it came to them depositing the money, they put it in an old account that was charged off almost 2 years ago. VIP claimed that I did not give them my new info but I did because I had to fax them a copy of my bank statement. I even called them back to make sure that they got the fax. I told them that since I did not get the money good luck on getting it back. Where do I stand with this? Everything was done totally over the phone. No internet site.

If you never received the funds, you don't owe them anything. The next time they call, ask for an address and send them a C&D letter.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I found a website for them...solicitation removed.. try that! I spoke with this company in reguards to a check-n go loan that I defaulted on and they set me up with online payments...

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Old post I know, but just got a call from these people regarding a check n go loan. Guy hinted that they would go further, but didn't say much else. Other than that though, was the niecest collection agent I've spoken with so far. Gave me his name and extension, and said he would send out the dunning letter. We'll see how it goes if I get it.

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westjk westjk

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I dont know if payday loan recovery group is something legit. The bbb does not have them anywhere. I get a location and a phone number but no street address. They threaten garnishment of 25% and state that they are a recovery company, not a collections agency so they do not need to send anything in writing. Biggest crock of bull i ever heard. The best part is the alleged delinquent loan is more than one that is 6 yrs old and on my credit report. Can anyone tell me if they are legit???

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I also need so me help...A Ms. Cartwright called me from the Pay Day Loan Recovery Group, and I had her send me information...but she said she could only send it to my email. I have Called all of the companies that I have had loans with in the past and they said I have zero outstanding balances....The PDLR is saying I have a creditor called Think Cash, which is an online. I never took a loan out with them, and only filled out an application 2or so years ago, and never received anything. How do I make them leave me alone?
The number they called with is 630-486-1900 and then gave me the 877-601-5871 number. What do I do?

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I received a voice message at work today from a Mrs.McGary and she said that I had a debt and they were going to garnish my wages. I called the number she left 877-601-5871 and spoke to Dr. Garza. He said I had received a direct deposit loan from PayDay loans and when they tried to collect direct from my checking account that either the account had been closed or I had stopped payment. He also said that information had been sent to my house and retuned by mail. I never did receive a loan from this company,I have had the same banking account for the last 10 years and also have lived in the same place for the last 10 years and have never returned mail. I asked Mr Garza to give me more information on the alledged loan and was told several differnt vague dates. I offered to get bank statements as proof, if he would tell me what when they supposedly loaned me the money. He said he would send me information on what I needed to get to him. I called back to verify if he was going to mail or e-mail me something and he said he e-mailed it but I didn't get anything. He said he would re-mail after verifying my e-mail address. After about 1/2 hour I received a settlement agreement to sign and agree to pay in 2 days $300.00 as opposed to the $1,008 that I owed them.
I really don't understand how they can garnish my wages just upon their word that they gave me money.

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[COLOR=black]This is a scam, you don't owe them money, information or even your time. Same thing happened to me today, but this time they threatened to suspend my license! (Only the DMV and a judge have authority to do so, first of many red flags) I've been working with credit agencies for the last 11 years. If you didn't receive anything, you owe them NOTHING. If they continue to harass you tell them to cease and desist. As soon as you say C&D they have to leave you alone. It???s sad but I see this stuff all the time, unfortunately. Hope this helps and good luck![/COLOR]

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I just called and asked for a physical street address, I'm sending a C&D letter. Per the woman with no name that answered the phone, "we actually don't have a physical address..."

For anyone that's looking their "address" is: PO Box 2, Aurora IL, 60507

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Hey guys someone actually called me from this company too, named Ms. Ingram, she was so rude. The sad part is I actually spoke with her months prior for another debt I had, and I was actually dumb enough to fall for it because she was nice & I know I owed the debt. Now today she was so rude, talking over me. I requested that she send me something in writing & her exact words were "You're not getting anything in writing" lol..then I googled them and it led me to this blog. I called a local paralegal firm in my area and they verified that this is not a real company this is a scam! So don't fall for it, Ms. Ingram threatened to suspend my license, garnish my wages, and but my name on a blog!! lmao. They are such a scam!!

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Hey guys make sure you file a complaint against these people, here's the link for the FTC https://www.ftccomplaintas

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