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need help paying off pdl/ title loan

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I've read a lot of threads here but have never posted. I need help!! I have several payday loans and a title loan and I can't dig out from underneath! I'm not worried as much about the title loan because if I can get rid of the pdl's I know I can pay it off a lot easier.

I'm in AZ, I have 7 pdl's and they are all store front. I've considered using PDL Assistance to consolidate them but haven't found any feedback about them. I guess I just need to know where and how to start.


The store front lenders in Arizona are legal. You will need to go in to each one before you are due and ask for an EPP. If you are dealing with a Storefront that is CFSA you will qualify and even if they are not CFSA some do offer the plan. If you can list your storefronts maybe we can help you identify your CFSA lenders. I reside in AZ as well.

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kfstaff24 kfstaff24

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What is an EPP and what is CFSA?

My loans are from:
Ace Cash Advance
Urgent Money Service

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canpaul canpaul

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Ace and LoanMart offer what is called and Extended Payment Plan. All interest stops and your loan is broken down into 4 payments for example if you borrowed $400 and were due to pay back $470 ($70 interest) dived by 4 you would pay 4 equal payments of $117.50.

Checkmate will allow you to buy down the loan, which means you pay extra money each time you go in. I dont know anything about Urgent Money or Checksmart.

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kfstaff24 kfstaff24

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The Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA)

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kfstaff24 kfstaff24

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Has anyone worked with PDL Assistance?? Any feedback about them would be appreciated.

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canpaul canpaul

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Hi canpaul,

I was considering PDL assistance, but after reviewing their fee's and the fact that they were going to settle with all my pdl's regardless if they were overpaid or not, I decided to do it on my own...I did lose my $200 fee because they didn't advise me that I needed to cancel within a few days, but I ended up saving about $800 in fee's...

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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ok so i took out a title loan and when i go to repay it even if i am 1 day late the interest is over 400.00. I borrowed 1600.00 and in actuality i have given them over the amount that was due on my account. However, the interest rate is whats keeping me from actually paying the thing off and now i am in danger of them reposessing my truck. What do i do? Is there anyway i can make the interest stop as well as avoid them from coming and taking my truck? I worked so hard for it and not to mention it is my only means of transporting my children to and from school. What do i do???

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