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PDL overdrawing bank account

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My paydayloan creditors keep withdrawing money from my account and the bank will not let me close it. I asked them to block them and they say they have but my negative balance is tremendous b/c the creditors just keep trying what should i do?

First off...what state are you in? That will help us help you better.

That's horrible they are doing that to you! Have you tried to contact them?

We have several people here who have experience with PDL...someone will help you shortly.

In the meantime, give a conselor here a call. They too can help you & maybe give you an idea on how to stop the PDL company.

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lawn1016 lawn1016

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Have you tried speaking to a branch manager and explaining your situation to them? I would first of all send a letter revoking any volunteer wage assignments that might be in the small print on the pdl paperwork and telling them they are to not try to take anymore money out of your account. Please read the thread about closing your checking account due to pdl's that will give you a better idea on how to handle this situation with closing your account.

Please let us know what state that you are in, if these are internet or store front pdl's, how much in principle you have paid back, and the name of the pdl's and someone will be able to look up this information for you.

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