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Paycheck Today sent Acct. to ACA Recovery

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Hi, it's been awhile since I have been here. I recently received a letter from a CA, ACA Recovery, to collect a so called debt with Paycheck Today for $650. I am in California and have overpaid them by $60 already, my loan was $300 and I have paid $360. What is my next step?

Hi Mom! It is good to see you. Well, I can say been there done that.....Just send them a request for debt validation. When I did that they went away. They called several times and yelled at me and left me pretty scary messages, so beware in case that happens. Here is the letter I used as a template....and make sure you send it certified return receipt, also, if you can fax it. They quit calling as soon as they got the fax.

Here is the one I used...

Hang in there and if you have any questions, just post them or pm me. Roxy

Sub: #1 posted on Sun, 07/06/2008 - 17:47

RoxyNY RoxyNY
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Thanks Roxy! It is good to see you too! :)

Sub: #2 posted on Sun, 07/06/2008 - 19:02

momof1_1990 momof1_1990

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beware of these clowns.. they are not too bright and not to good at following the law. take good notes on all that they say and do and you might just have a fdcpa suit to win

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 07/07/2008 - 11:28

jj jj
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Me again, so I sent ACA a DV certified mail with return receipt and they have sent me back my "original" loan document from Paycheck Today with a post-it that says "per you request", and that is it. They did not send anything else I requested and have not told me how they have come to the amount of $650 that they claim I owe. What is my next step? I am guessing I need to send them some kind of letter back but not really sure what to say. Please help! Thanks!

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 11:54

momof1_1990 momof1_1990

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They did the same thing to me.......but I haven't heard anything back from them. In my case told them I overpaid the loan by two times and gave them my state's PDL laws. I haven't heard from them in awhile.

Sub: #5 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 12:43


hello mom,i would resend the DV letter.include a part that says
that is not validation.if a contract is illegal how does sending an illegal document back up anything?by the way does this contract kinda look it conforms to your state laws.
one CA tried that with me.good thing i had the real contract in my PC.made my complaints have more teeth.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 12:56

paulmergel paulmergel
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Well, the good news is after doing a little research today, I found that the California Dept. of Corp has filed a cease and desist order against Paycheck Today in June of this year. I think I will also send a copy of that order back to th CA. I think that pretty much should invalidate anything they think they have! Thanks again for your help!

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 15:38

momof1_1990 momof1_1990

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Good going Mom! I am happy it is working out for you. I still have not gotten a reply from them regarding my letter. Oh gee darn!...NOT :lol:

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 08/06/2008 - 16:19

RoxyNY RoxyNY
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