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I am in a huge mess. I had 7 payday loans and paid 3 off and still have 4 left. I just started not repaying them this past month due to I have already paid the initual loan back and alot more. The big one is with Delbert Services which took over my original loan from Western Sky. I am part of a lawsuit filed in Virginia against Western Sky in Dakota. I am getting emails and calls from Delbert Services all the time. They want to change my amount owed and rate to help out but have added 2 years onto the account, so it does not help. I have my other ones with Mobil Loans, Cashnet USA and Plain Green. I was unemployed for 4 months this past year, but still paid these crooks until I repaid the loans. I am know $4000 in the hole with my mortgage and may need to foreclose. I need serious help please..

Western Sky, Mobile Loans and Plain Green - they are illegal payday loan lenders. You have paid the initial loan back. That's all you need to do actually.

Focus on your mortgage loan rather than on your payday loans.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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Yeah...all of your lenders are illegal except Cash Net USA. You owe nothing more than the principal amount to your illegal lenders. In this case closing down your old bank account and opening a new one would be better for you. As far as Cash Net USA is concerned, you are liable to pay them both the principal and interest. In this case you may try to negotiate with your licensed lender and set up a payment arrangement with them.

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Delbert Services you should send them a Cease & Desist letter.
Mobiloans & Plain Green - you should follow the steps below in my signature on how to deal with - how much originally borrowed and how much repaid to date?
With Cash Net USA - I would call them and see if they can work out and extended payment plan - that may help you get done with them quicker and cheaper.

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