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Paid however threathing wage garnishment

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I am currently residing in the state of South Carolina on March 29, 2013 I recieved a interent loan from Cash In A Wink of $300.00 dollars to date I have paid $517.00 dollars. On the 30th June 2013 I informed Cash In A Wink that I have already paid what I borrowed however they informed me that I have a balance of $262.00 dollars and since I closed my bank account they will be do a wage garnishment. Should I just pay the $262.00 or go to my payroll personnal? Also, I also have a payday loan with National- Payday loan of $300.00 paid $228.00 dollars to date I informed them that I will pay $80.00 to have my account be paid in full, however they are stating I owe more than $80.00. Need advice how how to handle these two matters.

First Please register with the forums if you have not done so already!! Second as for Cash In A Wink, when you sent them the letter revoking their ACH authorization - did you also cancel any wage assignments you may have signed and given a copy to your payroll dept? For them to get a wage garnishment they must first go to court - it has to be awarded by a judge and you must be notified prior that you are being sued..Just a threat to get you to pay.. you need to tell your payroll department right away that you have been a victim of be on the alert for any weird documents.. As for National Payday loan - did you also revoke ACH authorization and cancel wage assignment? If no do so, If yes - then stand your ground on the $72 that you owe them, when and if they agree then you can decide when and how to send them the money - I would strongly recommend Money Order only!!

Hope this helps!!

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