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I was checking out OVLG and I would like to know if this is a reputable company and trustworthy. Has anyone tried this to help with their PDL.


My personal opinion is that they are not a reputable company. I would not do business with them.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Before even thinking about wasting money on a payday consolidation, do you know if your loans are even legal?? What state do you live in? Who did you borrow from, how much did you borrow and how much have you paid back??

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They do DMPs too so, it may not be payday loans we're talking about.

What kind of debt are you looking to settle/consolidate?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I don't have payday loans. My friend took out three payday loans. Cashjar, oneclickcash, and plain green loans. She's just looking to consolidate. She was checking OVLG. I'm checking for her because she's ill.

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dmarte23 dmarte23

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Why is your friend consolidating illegal loans? Those loans are all illegal and she owes them ZERO dollars and ZERO cents under the law. Morally she owes them the principal. Please post her details with regard to her state and the amoutn deposited by each lender and amount paid, fees included.

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waffles waffles
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Hi dmarte23.
I have had a personal experience with OVLG and in my opinion I do not find them to be reputable. They claim that if you are dissatisfied ( that is their wording ) they will refund 100% of your money back. Well I did not receive 100% of my money back. And I almost didn't get that. The man on the other end of the phone had a problem with the tone of my voice and threatened not to refund me any of my money back. When I called them for a refund I wasn't asking for a dialogue. AlI asked is the they abide by their guarantee. Here is a copy of their letter of acknowledgment :

Hi, 1) A consultant fee of $50 each month for providing a monthly 30 minute consultation with our savings budgeting consultants. This fee will be adjusted with the success fee when the success fee becomes payable. For example, if the client owes $1000 as success fee. The total consultant fee for 12 months is $600. In this particular case, Client has to pay $400 towards the success fee ($1000-$600) as the consultant fee will be adjusted with the success fee amount.
2) There's a success fee of 25% on the amount we save for you on each account after we show you the final settlement offer in writing from your creditor and is accepted by you. The success fee has to get paid first from the balance available in your trust account, before payments are sent to your creditors in lump sum or in a partial payment plan. Monthly maintenance fee, success fee and miscellaneous charges (if any) are not refundable under any circumstances. In case if you decide to cancel the program at some point of time, we will refund the complete balance accumulated in your trust account minus the fees. This fee will be reduced by the amount of fee already paid by the client. * In case, if a payment plan is worked out then we will charge 15% of the total debt amount as our success fees
3) The attorneys will negotiate with your creditors/collection agencies and try to bring the lowest settlement offers if your accounts are already delinquent when you signed up in the program. You will agree to any settlements that are negotiated by us in spite of the settlement terms laid out by our firm i.e. 40-50% of the total outstanding balance (not applicable in case of Store front PDLs).
4) We will attempt to get the lowest settlement offers from your creditors, provided you have enough funds accumulated into the trust account or if prior arrangements are worked out to arrange the funds and settle the debts with your creditors sooner. You understand that at least 30% of the debt amount per creditor needs to be accumulated in his/her trust account before OVLG will make a settlement offer to the creditor.
5) Any payment change will require a 7 business days notice prior to the scheduled date. We will not process any change in the payment schedule if you fail to notify us in advance.
6) Consecutive 3 NSF (Non sufficient funds) or Not Held payments will result in the termination of your debt settlement program signed with OVLG.
7) You may/will receive creditor calls for a certain period of time in the beginning stage and we will attempt to minimize the number of collection calls, especially if they are harassing or disturbing you to make payment arrangements from your side. We request you to keep the "creditors calls log" updated in the Secure Client Area for us to take immediate actions. 8) OVLG will not represent any client in the court; however we will try to negotiate with your creditors and settle the balance, provided you agree to come up with the necessary funds required towards your trust account. It will be an attempt that you don't end up getting sued in the course of the program by any of your creditors, just before the account gets seriously delinquent and is on the verge of getting legal summons.
9) Clients dealing with online payday loan accounts may/will end up paying more than the balance you owe to the online payday loan companies. OVLG will attempt for a payment plan when the accounts are delinquent or settlement when the accounts are with 3rd party collection agency for store front payday loans. If Pay day loan companies are making unauthorized debits from your bank account, immediately consult with your Bank Manager.
10) In the debt settlement program, we work on unsecured debts, online payday loans, accounts in collection, federal debts, store front payday loans, federal credit union accounts (if its with 3rd party collections) in which the creditor/collection agency has not taken any legal actions during the sign up process. We do not take debts incurred in the military, child support, federal credit union accounts, student loans, business credit cards, secured signature and title loans, secured debts or any other accounts that are already attached to any kind of collateral. In case, its found that the above mentioned accounts do not qualify for our program and have been included in the sign up process, we will have to unfortunately discard that account from the list and will request you a self representation on that particular account. There will be no deduction in the fees.
11) You understand that while you are enrolling in the debt settlement program with OVLG, no creditor(s) has filed any legal actions against you on any of the accounts included in the debt settlement program. The account will immediately get disqualified if any legal summons were issued before the date you signed up with OVLG.
12) You are aware of the negative impact on your credit ratings after the debts are settled with your creditors.
13) You are aware that you will be liable to pay taxes to the IRS on the amount of money saved in the debt settlement program. The amount of money saved in the debt settlement program is considered as your income.
14) can stop working with OVLG without any penalty. The Trust Account balance will be refunded within 7 business days (minus any fees OVLG has earned, i.e. consultant or success fees if any).
15) 100% money back due to dissatisfaction : For Oak View Law Group, clients come first. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, please send a fax to our OVLG President with attention to "Mr Virendra Kalani" at 800-637-6854, and tell us why you are unhappy with our services. If we cannot help you, we will refund 100% of your fees within 30 working days. 800-637-6854 Thanks & Regards,

In my opinion you do not need to payout more money you do not have. Especially to have other people do for you what you could do for yourself. ;)

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seca10 seca10

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I am really confused because I did extensive research on this company and I found rarely no problems with this.

She already closed her bank account.

We live in New york.

Plain green Loans- $1,000 (Is current on her payments)
Oneclickcash- $650
Cashjar- ($725 + 181.25= $906.25) ( Is current on payments)

problem is she borrowed from these companies in the past and finally realizes that these companies are illegal lenders.

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 13:38

dmarte23 dmarte23

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I live in NY also. PDLs are STRICTLY ILLEGAL here.

Your friend does not owe these people anything more than what was deposited in her account. Please get us what she has paid previously to them on past loans over the principal as well. PDLs are illlegal in NY and all contracts for loans in NY at a rate of interest higher than 16 percent are NULL and VOID. Stop falling for these stupid consolidation scams!!!

Sub: #8 posted on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 21:03

waffles waffles
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Here are the payments:

Oneclickcash: Recently took out a loan for $650 has not paid anything yet.

Plain Green Loans: Paid (3) payments of $137.25 on a $1000 loan.

Cashjar: Borrowed $800

1. Paid $200 plus the $25 towards the principle
2. Paid $193.75 plus the $50 towards the principle

Now owes $725 plus $181.25= $906.25.

What's Next?

Sub: #9 posted on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 22:10

dmarte23 dmarte23

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Your friend owes 332 to cash jar

Follow the link in waffles post on how to deal with illegal lenders

Show us the emails you going to send before send

Sub: #10 posted on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 22:22


More information
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