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I have several payday loans, I want to pay them, but have no money left over every week, can you help me?

I'm sure a Mod will move this thread over to the payday loan thread where it will be more appropriate, and you'll get more response.

But first we need the list. Each payday loan company, how much they put into your bank account and how much they've taken out so far. Don't worry about how it breaks down into fees and principal and such, just how much they gave you and how much you've paid them total. We also need to know what state you are in.

From there we can assess if you've overpaid the PDLs, if they are even legal in your state, someone will post the law in your state regarding PDLs and we can point you in the right direction on which action to take, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

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pokogeo pokogeo

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I have gotten over my head with these loans

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