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Ok-I live in Nebraska and I have read a lot of stuff on here and I'm glad I found this site. I am dealing with these two rediculous companies right now and how or way I put myself in this situation I have no clue but will never do it again. I currently have a loan out with both of these companies but still owe the prinicple on both of them. I have read to close my bank account so they can no longer ACH payments out of my account. I want to do this however want to make sure both of these companies are illegal in my state. I don't have a problem paying back the principle however I'm not paying back their high intrest charges. Can anyone tell me if both of these companines are illegal in Nebraska and tell me what I should do in my situation? I just want to be done with these ass holes. Also I don't want them calling my employer either. And is there anyway to get them off your credit report? Please Please Please help!!!!!

Both are illegal due to being tribal - follow the link below in my signature on how to deal with - all steps.. and WS will be the only one that will show up on your credit under Cash Call - start disputing..

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My husband and I both have loans with Plain Green. He owes about $400 on principle and I have overpaid my principle. I sent them a letter online for both loans, explaining exactly what is suggested on the website here, telling them to stop ACH and to not contact me or my references. That was four dats ago. Today I received a response to both, stating to my husband that they will let him pay the principle in 4 monthly payments of $100 each and that they will not be debuting anything further from me. Both said they have removed all contact info from their records. This was the best outcome I could have expected - just for sending one email. I hope your experience is as successful. Thus saved me almost $1500.00!

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Thanks for the reply!!! I will do that!!!

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