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I just got a letter from the Law Office of Daniel M. Slane stating I owe $513.86 and that "continued delay in this matter will not be tolerated. If our office hears nothing from you we will act accordingly."

What does "act accordingly" mean? I know there are no debtors in prison but still, a threatening letter kinda set me off edge...

I live in Texas, but this law firm is in Columbus, OH.

What's going to happen to me?

The firm is in Ohio...you are in Texas...they can do nothing. They or the original creditor would have to hire a law firm in Texas to take any action against you.

Do you owe a loan? If so, when did you borrow, who was the lender?

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I think like almost a year ago from EZ Money Payday loan

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This number is for the Law Office of Daniel Slane - based out of Columbus, Oh. If you want to get to the bottom of the reasoning of their call(s), call the director of operations Steve Slyh - his personal cell phone is 614-800-5122. I'm sure he will try to tell you he or his group of employees will pursue you in court, but he unfortunately has no grounds. They're calling about payday loans - I would recommend you have them get you the proof you actually owe the bill!!! Can almost guarantee they will not be able to supply you with anything.

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Most of the stuff you are reading here is true, I want to clear something up though in case someone reads this later. They have no ground because they are trying to collect an illegal payday loan, not because they are not in Texas. If they are a legitimate collection agency they can collect in any state. The debt they are collecting has to be an honest and legal debt but state boundries does not stop them. Once when I had to take an ambulance ride and couldn't pay for it right away I was sent to collections and the company was based on the other side of the country. I know because I made payment arrangements and had to mail them out every month to Florida, and I love in WA.

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I too have been harassed by the law firm with threatening to have me put in jail if I did not pay a payday loan which I did not take out, I contacted my local White Collar Crime Unit and they told me they are the ones in violation of my state laws and I can press charges of harassment against them. The guy i spoke with was rude and threatening even called my employment asking personal questions about me. I am seriously considering take legal action

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This "law firm" has had about 7 lawsuits filed against them for FDCPA violations. They cannot provide proof of debt. They settle every lawsuit filed against them. Their director of operations Steve Slyh is a bully and only has bark, no bite. They act like they are nationwide but they run a 3 to 4 person operation threatening legal action they never intend to take.

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These idiots just called me. They rattled off names of SOME of my relatives, and some NOT my relatives. Claimed I owed for a debt I do not owe. Gave me the FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER of the guy they were looking for. I am trying to reach him to give him the info so he can file a lawsuit against them for divulging private information illegally.

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So, this law office has been calling me since Sept or Oct of 2012 for $140 payday I owe. When they call an automated message saying, "Hey this is Ken, I've been trying to reach you for a while. Give me a call back when you get a chance." Ken doesn't state WHO he is trying to reach, nor does he leave a number or what the purpose of his call is.

Tonight, they called and I answered the phone. Same "Ken" dude leaving this automated message. So, I call the number. Some chick named Mercedes answers and says, "Oh, is this "says my name." I say yes and she's like I am so glad you called. We have been trying to reach you for the longest. I was like, "Who is this???" She goes on to say that they are a law office and they are trying to collect a debt for a payday loan I took out. She then ask me if I received their certfied letters. I'm like no and asked her where they sent them to. She reads off a previous address. I tell her I don't live there. So, then she ask me if I want to pay off the debt. I tell her I called the company I owed back in December 2012 and they gave me some number to call, but those people never returned my call.

I tell her about the "Ken" dude and she's like, "Oh, they are supposed to leave a message letting you know the name of the company, your case number, blah, blah, blah."

Then she tells me she can take a payment over the phone. I tell her I'm not giving her my credit/debit/checking account information over the phone when I don't even know who they are. Then she tells me to search for them online, which I do, but that is not enough for me. I start asking questions about the company and she jumps on the defense. I tell her to send me a letter in the mail so I can validate the debt. She tells me she can't do this and it's about to be signed off on to go to court. Whatever! I know if the are a collection agency they have to send me a letter in the mail giving me 30 days from the date of initial contact to validate the debt. She told me she couldn't do that, although I gave her my email address to send me a letter. I told her I was waiting on the email. She says it has to go to the attorney to put on letterhead. WTH???

Then she says that she is the only one who can take a payment. She gives me her direct line, but I can't call the main line that's been calling me with "Unknown Name" appearing on my caller ID.

She then proceeds to start arguing with me. I hung up on her fool a**! Funny how she didn't turn around and call me back, although they have my number. I'll wait until I get the subpeona to appear in court for $140

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