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Can anyone tell me how I check to see if a company is illegal? I have 8 loans
CMG Group
SSM Group
United Cash Loan

I originally took out $300 with one company and $200 with another. I ended up with 4 deposits of $300 in my account. I have been paying anywhere from $450 to $540 every 2 weeks for the past month just in finance charges and paydowns. They are killing me financially! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

you should have had your bank send back the loans that you didnt ask for...because when u keep the money you are responsible for the companies and they may be willing to work with you...

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Hi- please sit tight and wait just a moment, and someone will be able to help you as soon as they can. Please do not continue to post the same post all over the forum. Just one is enough. Someone will come along and help, so please just sit tight and be patient.

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Amaranth Amaranth

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