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Hi Everyone,
I have been reading the forums for a while and finally decided to register and post my info. I have several online payday loans outstanding. Some are legal, and others I'm not so sure about. I have often heard on here that loan companies from offshore/tribal are never legal. Does this also pertain to Louisiana? The law here states that online lenders do not need to be licensed, but DO need to follow state laws regarding terms, fees etc. If these offshore companies are illegal in other states, would they be illegal here as well? How can I be sure? The loans that I have and am specifially referring to include Bottom Dollar, Alpine Group, Plain Green, Rise Credit, and In addition, Bottom Dollar and Plain Green have indicated that they have sold my account to a third party collection agency. I do not want to send a Debt Validation or C/D letter until I know for sure the legality of these loans. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

tribal lenders have no license making them illegal.btw if plain green,and bottomdollar sold your accounts then c&d whoever contacts you as i guarantee they will be bottomfeeders that will illegaly threaten for the others proceed as they are all illegal.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks Paul. I just drafted a D/V letter; why do you suggest a C&D instead? I only ask this because I have not paid the principle back yet. For Bottom Dollar, I took out a $200 loan, and have so far paid back only $180; they are claiming that I owe $345 (Total Account Recovery is the CA). Even though they are illegal I thought I was still obligated to atleast make the principle payments. I guess I'm basically asking when is it recommended to send a D/V letter, and when is it recommended to send the C&D letter. Thanks again for your quick response.

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GeauxFree GeauxFree

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because they are claiming you owe 345,and they will resort to unsavory threats.a dv is pointless as they can't validate an illegal debt,and again they will resort to illegal threats.btw you send a c&d when a bottomfeeder refuses to listen to you and act like they and the lender are legitimate(which neither are)last thing do you have an address for TAR?btw you only owe 20.00 to bottomdollar.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I do have an address for TAR...I was going to send the C&D letter today. I have also learned that TAR is not licensed to collect in LA. SO, they are an unlicensed CA collecting an illegal debt. Even though I owe them $20, would you still recommend sending a C&D letter? Should I put a money order for $20 in the C&D letter and call it a day? Thanks again!

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Actually the address I have is a PO Box....I have searched high and low and can not find a physical address. Can I send the C&D letter to a PO BOX? Thanks again Paul.

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you can certainly send a c&d to a p.o. that asap,and keep us posted.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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