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Living in NC...PDLs are a no no as most know by know. I finally had the AG's office write letters. The loans are null and void. Some PDLs said "you wanna bet" . They have sent me to collections/threatened. What urks me me at least in my case is that the AG wrote the letters and thats all they will do.I called and told them about the calls and he says tell them to go to hell! Does NC plan on going any further and getting any tougher on these PDL's. If you look at PDL websites there are a lot who state who they do not lend to---NC is not on a lot of those lists. If you want PDLs to stay out then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! There are plenty of people who are suffering under these PDL ass***** and the AG may or may not write letters on your behalf, but they do nothing to keep them out. They threw at least 3 companies out because of being storefronts--YEAH....NOW wipe them out from doing illegal internet business. They must get calls and write lots of letters to the same offender---GO AFTER THEM!

Ok I think I feel better now on to Saturday chores!!!! Oh now I really do not any better :shock: :?

hello guest,then you refile every it until they act.until they get enough complaints,that is all they will do.
whoever in the AG'S offic told you that THEY'RE RIGHT.these pdl's can go to hell.send each one a C&D letter,send it certified
mail return receipt.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Sounds like the PDLs and CAs can't really do anything other than to harass you. That definitely is annoying though. If your loans have been sent to CAs, you can send a cease and desist letter. If they continue to harass you, and you can get evidence of that, you can sue them.

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alias1958 alias1958

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The state AG's don't want to get too involved with the internet PDLs, because they don't have the resources or jurisdiction to launch interstate invesitgations. When the business is located in their state and they can easily go in and shut them down, then they will. But outside of the state, or outside of the country in alot of cases, the AGs just don't have the means to go after them.

In a case like this where the AG has written letters and can do no more, I would thinks it's best to forward your matter FTC. FTC has federal jurisdiction, but they won't just launch a big investigation off 1 or 2 complaints coming in.

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DebtCruncher DebtCruncher
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Actually states can ban internet payday loans if they choose to. Look at the number of IPDL's that have been banned--such as Sonic Payday, for example, which has been banned in a number of states, including California. There is a way for a state to do this, but whether they choose to do it is another matter entirely.
If AG's see that many residents are getting ripped off and screwed over by these companies, and if the residents let them know that they indeed vote, then they will be motivated to do something about it and act.

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kscornell kscornell
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My AG never even wrote letters, they basically told me to go to the BBB.. (I refiled twice since than, though). Maybe try the FTC. They aren't legal so legal action doesnt scare them too much.. i doubt they really will try anything to go after you though.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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I don't believe the NY AG didn't anything on my behalf either. By the time I got a letter acknowledging my complaints I had already resolved my PDLs. I agree, tell them where to go and what to do when they get there!

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llw1995 llw1995

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I think part of the problem here is that with any state agency, there's going to be a backlog on the front lines. And this is certainly true, I'm sure for a state AG office.
I'll say it again, everyone. For effective change to happen, we have GOT to let our government officials know what is happening, that we care and we vote! There is a potentially historic election going on and hopefully the time for change is soon.

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kscornell kscornell
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