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i live in north carolina . i have had many payday loans. im haveing a hard time making the payments. all my paycheck and more goes to the loans. today i added up what i have paid on each loan. i would have paid many of the loans off, since i only pay the biweekly fees. what can i do to cosolidate all the loans or do i have any other options. this cycle has been going on for several years.

Stop paying them! They are illegal in NC and if you have already paid back the principal, then you have done all that you legally need to do. See the "sticky" that Soaplady has posted at the top of this forum, and follow all of the steps.

I know from experience how scary PD lenders can be, but you CAN fight them and win!

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i have read steps to take to help me with the multiple pay days i have. i have paid the fees to the limit and then they start taking princple on most of these paydays. if these loans are illegal in north carolina, i want to make sure i do the right thing. are all the loans i list illegal in nc. and what is my first move. i will like to add i have paid most of these loans the cycle for more than 2 years and i end up right where i am again and again. it seems like i can never get them completely paid. thanks

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ALL PDL's are illegal in NC. Follow the link in my signature line for info on how to deal with them.

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i will start tonite. just by getting some quality information has certainly taken a litte stress off me. again this doesnt look easy but ive been living a pure nitemare for along time. thank you . and if you have anymore suggestions to help , please do. thanks

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I have been there, so I do understand. Just follow the steps and you will be ok. Do not let them scare you!

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Welcome! And let me tell you, you definately are not alone here. At one point, I also had 12 PDL's that I was dealing with, so I feel you.
You have some homework to do here. First, speak with your bank. You are going to need a new account number, which you will NOT give out to your lenders. Get your direct deposit moved over as well. This is the first step in getting back control of your money.
Second, write down everything you have paid these lenders, compared to the amount of your original loans. You are going to demand they refund the differences if you have paid over.
Lastly, get the email addresses, postal addresses of your lenders. You will send each of them what we call a Cease and Desist letter (You can find the template on the site) saying that you are on to them, you know these loans are fraudulent and they stop debiting your accounts immediately. You also need to determine which lender is internet (from your list, it looks like most of them are) and which are storefront. This is important because most storefront loans are legal and should be paid first.
Good luck and just know that you CAN DO THIS!! I and many other people did it and will be here for you.

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thank you so much for the important information you have provided. all of these loans are internet. the fees i have paid are in the final c;ycle which means the principle are covered on almost all these loans. again thanks for your response and support.

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You are more than welcome and thank you for your very sweet post. The next post I want to see from you is telling us how many refunds you're going to get back! Keep us updated!

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hello, i have started the process. i have a new checking acct. my bank manager knows my situation. once i have some oustanding transaction clear my old acct. my bank will close the checking.i also talked with NCAG and they told me the same steps as in your template to do. i have all details on each loan. now i am prepairing to email and mail the documents from the template the you have provided me to follow. i do have one question. i have had many loans with the pdl.s. some over 4 year, im ashamed to tell the total amount of fees that were paid toward the loans. can i ask for a refund on the total i have paid on all the loans. or does my situation apply to the current one im paying on now.it just sickens me when i sat down and added up the total amount of money ive paid. also i have always made the required payments to each pdl. i will keep you posted. again; thank you!

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I mention that in the steps.

Add up all of your previous loans when you're figuring out how much was deposited vs. how much you paid. Ask for a refund of the total amount overpaid.

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