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OK so I get another call at my job in which I continue to tell them I can't take personal calls at work. Today they tell me my account is going to arbitration and I could be locked up but they wanted to contact me before it goes because of my good account history! ( Are you serious) So my question is what is arbitration and what do I have to do because they are located in St Vincents and Grenadines like how do I fight this. I filed another complaint with the FTC the BBB will be of no use because they are not located in the US but I need som advice quickle what do I do themcalling my job is not good and how will they serve me over 200.00?:confused:

file yhis away as another empty threat.they are not located in the US and are reaching for sh*t to say.they can't/won't do what they threaten.just the fact they still bring up jail hould tip you off.file another round of reports and complaints.then again treat it as another set of bullsh*t they spewed to try and scare you.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks Paul,
I actually told him to go ahead and file the arbatration so we can actually get to the bottom of this because I will bring all my paperwork with pay dates included but in order to file a suit against me they would have to come to NJ am I correct? I did file complaits using their Delaware Address aswell because you know they have a bunch of addresses so I filed complaints and hopefully we will see.

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danettere danettere

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yes like a court action the arbitration must be done in NJ,and in your town,county,village,or bourough.again the mention of jail is a tipoff that the threat is an empty one as they would have the same chance as ice in question though.have you informed your co-workers.and boss that this is a turdpile scam?if so and if they keep giving you calls hang up on whoever calls without a word now as it's not worth your time to even listen to the verbal idiocy they spew.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I surely did inform our HR person and the people in our other bulilding next door that they choose to call. I filed another round of complaints I would love to go to arbitration so this way we will see the legalities of them against my bank statements and all the harrassign emails I have from Lamarr. The dude that called yesterday actually had the nerve to try to be nice and say he didn't mean to bother me at work and he wanted to see if he could keep me as a customer because of my excellent payment history. I was like I wasn't aware of your illegal status but upon finding out I have to protect myself and my money!
He said it will go to arbitration and I was so pleasant when i said ok let's do it!

Good Bye!!
I am so hoping we go because they are crazy!

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danettere danettere

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again there will be no arbitration as they are not in the US.i wouldn't engage them further.any call will contain empty threats that are a waste of time to that.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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