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I paid back principle and $180 dollars additional. I refuse to pay anymore and someone from their collections department threatened to report the account as a chargeoff on my credit report. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any insight.

You have already paid $180 dollars. Don't make further payments. They are an illegal lender. State this fact to them. They can't report to your credit report as well.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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No, it won’t be possible, as the illegal lenders can’t report to the credit bureaus. You owe them nothing more than the principal balance. No interest, no fees. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from yor account. Ask them for the refund, as you have overpaid them.

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Yes it is possible -- this a very well known tactic of these illegal lenders to hold consumer's credit reports hostage when they stop paying on these illegal loans. Western Sky/CashCall is notorious for this. They are very brazen about it and when you dispute it they continue to verify it as accurate. So, yes it can happen and fighting to get it off is not as easy as everyone on this board seems to think it is. I have been working for over a year to get this corrected and have had to file a lawsuit against Western Sky/Cash Call (pending) over it -- it still sits on my credit report as a charge off and the CRAs keep verifying it as accurate no matter what information I provide them otherwise.

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Mobilans has repeatedly lied to me. They double charged my bank acct in August 2013 & when i contacted them to reimburse me the double charge they completely lied to me saying a paper check is in the mail. Nothing ever came in the mail ever. I finally filed a dispute through my bank. Now Mobiloans is endlessly harrassing me saying i still owe them?! What? They owe me! They threaten ruin my Credit report. How can they get away with this?!?!

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you also need to file a complaint with your state's attorney general and the FTC.

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they can't do that.btw the WS/CC is the the not only the one exception,but once they get bent over in court.the CRA'S will be forced to delete all,or be sued while the CC/WS is happning it is the only example of that happening.

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