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Does anyone know if any recent issue that caused MNE not to be able to debit my checking account for payment? $600 loan taken out in July, paid first payment of $180 no problem, then got the email below. It is not an issue with my account or bank, and when I call they say they cannot talk about it but the extended repayment plan is no longer an option (nevermind the contract I have that spells out the payments and dates) and they are now wanting payment in full or larger payments that we cannot do. They aren't legal in my state so I am going to email them offering to pay principle balance only. Just wondering if anyone knows of anything recent that happened that would cause them to not be able to take ACH and honor repayment plan.

Hello XXXX

Due to payment processing issues we are no longer able to debit your account on your due date. For this reason we ask that you please set up alternative payment arrangements to repay your loan.

To settle your account in full or to set up payment arrangements on your outstanding balance of $780.00, please contact a customer service representative now at 1-800-640-1295. A representative may also contact you to assist in setting up an alternative payment arrangement for settling your loan balance.

We will be accepting the following payment options:
• Debit Card
• Pre-paid Card
• Money Order
• Cashier’s Check
• Personal Check
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, and appreciate your assistance in setting up an alternative payment arrangement.


3531 P Street NW
PO Box 111
Miami, OK, 74355.

Your lender is an illegal tribal lender so you morally only owe them principal. Pay them back at YOUR convienience by money order only. Follow the link in my signature line for how to deal with illegal lenders

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the ACH main processor has cutoff dozens of illegals from debiting as soaplady stated you only owe principle,and the 180.00 gets deducted from you only owe not call as they will lie,threaten and harass you.communicate via email only.

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