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Good evening, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice? I received a call at work today from a blocked call stating her name was "Heather" and she was calling in regards to a legal matter, and needed my to call to see if I could get it released before she had to serve me. She gave me a claim # as well as the number 877-899-0629 to call. I called the above mentioned number and I believe the woman said it was CRS Associates and her name was Dawn and this was in regards to an unpaid payday loan with Midland Financial and that I owed $350 and that if I resolved the matter today she wouldn't send the matter to court. She said she could only accept debit or credit as a payment form. Is this for real or is this a scam of some sort? Please offer any advice you can! Thanks! :)

What was the name of the payday lender? I have read similar situations from the same collection agency. First of all, they are required by federal law (FDCPA) to send you a letter of collection via the mail within 5 days of their first initial contact with you. I wouldn't worry too much about these threats, because that is probably all they are, threats. Just tell them you will be expecting a letter of collection via the mail within 5 days, and if they don't send you one, then don't call you again. File a complaint against them for making false threats, they can actually be fined for violating the FDCPA, but you have to file a complaint against them with the FTC, link in my signature.

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Good evening. The payday loan was Midland Financial. I just called the 877 number I had been given to see what the voicemail said, and the company's name is ERG & Associates? I can't find any information on them whatsoever, so I'm beginning to doubt it's even a legit collection agency.

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