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Indian/Middle Eastern Payday Loan Scammers using Magic Jack phones

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Hello...and forgive me if this is old news, but I've been getting at least two or three of the "a case is being downloaded to your Social Security number" scam calls daily as of late...and finally I got fed up and ran a check on one of the numbers they left as a call back number.... 817-400-6871 to see if it is a landline or a cell...with plans to utilize Google Voice to have a little fun with them. It came up a LAND LINE in Texas! This surprised me, but not after I saw which "phone company" they used....the number is owned by YMAX Corp., which is the company that makes the Magic Jack...a device that allows people to make calls on their computer for like $20 a year.

Here is my thought, and maybe someone with a little more info and/or knowledge of the who to contact.....these people are using American services to scam American citizens. Couldn't the FBI or Homeland Security or someone subpeona them to provide who owns these numbers/how its being paid/etc. so as to get a handle on these people? I can't be the first person to think of this. I did see a post on about one person who brought it up with Magic Jack and they played the "customer information is priveleged" card.


Have you tried providing this information to your state attorney general? Also the Internet Crime Complaint Center, that might be a good place to start. Other people may have some suggestions.

Another thought, contact the provider, complain.

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I have filed complaints, but I gotta think the AG isn't going to do much since these people are not in NY where I am. Others have called Magic Jack to inform them that their service is being used for nefarious reasons, and they have gotten the runaround. They won't divulge any information about who owns the number(s), citing it is confidential.

That's why I wondered if someone had some kind of in(since some folks around here have been at this longer than I) with someone who might be able to do something about it. I mean can one sue "The Owner of this phone number" and subeona Magic Jack to give up the name?

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Mike W. Mike W.

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Mike I am being called atleast 5 days a week up to 5, 10, even 20 times a day. They call my home, my cell and my former employer. Todays latest number is 310-359-0445. I am sooo stressed with these calls its insane. I file complaints every week and nothing is done. People I am friends with, cowrokers etc are being harrassed and I can not do anything. I dont understand how this is allowed to happen in the US and noone can stop them

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ballplayersmom ballplayersmom

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Same thing happened to me this morning. So after the guy "John Wilson" threatened to have my thrown in jail and that he was going to call me every minute on the hour. I hung up......the called them back every 30 seconds about eighty times (good thing I have unlimited minutes!) but unfortunately now they have blocked my number and I cant get through to them. I have not received another call from them so far.....

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That's why I wondered if someone had some kind of in(since some folks around here have been at this longer than I) with someone who might be able to do something about it. I mean can one sue "The Owner of this phone number" and subeona Magic Jack to give up the name?

It seems to me that something could be done, I will give you a link to a site that contains a list of Fair debt attorneys in your areas, perhaps you could give them a call and throw this information out at them to see if there is some type of case that would be successful.

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I just got a call from "Paul Phoenix" of the "Law Investigation Department". The number is 646-389-2681. It was obviously a boiler room because I could hear other people talking in the background. These people are overseas scammers and they can't get caught because they are spoofing the phone numbers they use.

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Simply tell them you are aware its a scam. Ask them for the company they work for, not just represent, but who actually signs their paycheck. Ask them for proof of the debt, amount, date and company. Ask them to send you a certified copy of the debt. Ask them for a mailing address where you can send correspondence disputing this debt. Somewhere after 2-3 questions they will hang up on you. Then just call them back, and keep calling them back asking for the same information and letting them know you are aware its a scam. I have received two of these calls so far, and each time I have called them back repeatedly letting them know I know its a scam and demanding they prove otherwise. If they know they can't bully you and that you won't pay they have no reason to call. I just like to return the favor and call them back 16-17-18 etc times and harass them. Turn about is not only fair, its sometimes fun.

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I found this web-site because i did a search for scams using Majic Jack, because I have been seeing a Deerfield Beach, FL phone # on my caller ID. Tonight I called the phone # and was told that "the Majick Jack number you have called has not yet been assigned to a customer."
Makes me wonder if an employee is using the numbers to pull off a scam? anyone else get the same message?

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It wouldn't surprise me if they were using MagicJack or some VOIP. I get all kinds of phone numbers they call from. Sometimes, it only reads "00-" when they call. But each time, it is some guy or woman with a heavy Indian accent with a very American sounding name who calls and threatens me with jail, lawsuits, and anything else they can think of to make you panic and send them money. I have played around with these idiots, and while they follow a script, their whole scam falls apart when you get them off the script. Usually, I ask them for proof of my supposed debt, then tell them I talked to my loan company and they said I don't owe any money. Usually at this point, when it becomes apparent I am not intimidated, they will give me a phone number and as ME to call THEM in 10 minutes, after they supposedly check for the legitimacy of the debt I supposedly owe. I refuse to call them back and that usually gets rid of them for another couple of months.

After digging up some facts, I have found several things. First, most people who have been called by these scammers have used a payday loan (or at least applied at one). Most payday loan centers have Indian-based call centers. Shady operators bribe the call center managers for the contact lists, which include some personal information, and begin making calls from India, using a VOIP or similar technology to disguise their real numbers.

Usually, if they can't a target nervous and scared, they will claim theyhave to check with their lawyers or managers and that's the last you hear of them for a while. But, they don't give up easily and you will probably still get calls from these a-holes every couple of months. Still, it beats getting 10 calls a day.

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While many who use MJ are scammers, some legit companys do use them. What is important is that they identify themselves when they call and they HAVE to offer A TOLL-FREE number to comply with FDCPA regulations.
Unfortunately if they are calling you that many times per day they are already violating the law. We are only allowed to maker a finite reasonable attempts to contact you a day and it must be between 9 to 9 YOUR TIME.
Scum agencies CANT report to credit agencies, so really all they can do is call. They can't even use the legal ways agencies can entice people to pay.

Hope it helps.

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