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New PDL collector: United States Mediation

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On November 4, I was left a voice message by someone claiming to be from 'Global Investments and Acquisitions' at (404) 220-9783. They made vague threats regarding litigation and serving paperwork through my home county's justice department. They asked that I contact United States Mediation at (855) 404-8767.

When I called back both numbers, they were both answered with the greeting "United States Mediation", indicating that the person on the voice message misidentified her employer.

On November 7, I received an e-mail from United States Mediation, the gist of which was the same as the phone call.

No fax number or mailing address was included on the mail message, and so I responded with a standard debt validation request coupled with a cease-and-desist notice for telephonic communication.

I also checked my state's Department of Finance website, which includes a list of all licensed debt collectors in my state; United States Mediation and Global Investments and Acquisitions did not appear on the list, nor did any debt collector with either phone number left.

No federally-required validation documentation has been provided at this point, and today (roughly a half-hour ago) I received another call from the same area code 404 number, with the same message.

At this point, the debt collector has violated several federal debt collection regulations as well as a state debt collection law. The early notes on this phone number are more than likely from paid shills of the company; this company appears to be just another law-violating junk debt buyer, and should be treated as such.

I would document every phone call that this place makes to you as this could be the basis for a potential harassment claim. Let us know what happens.

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kscornell kscornell
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They are scammers mate. Simply file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC immediately. Don’t share any personal information with them.

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