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I have a tribal loan. Did not know until today. I have paid $1641.11 so far for a loan in the amount of $650. I need to know the exact steps on handling this. I have read about ACH revocation, but I am not sure of really where to begin.

Okay. Better late than never. Don't pay a penny to the tribal lender. You owe a refund actually. Go to the bank and meet the branch manager. He can help you to complete the formalities.

You can find out all the steps here: onsconcerning-achrev...

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Thank you so much! So, do I close my account or with the letter, can I keep my same account?

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Brandy C Ragsdale Brandy C Ragsdale

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Ofcourse you can. You are just withdrawing the auto-pay privilege from the creditor. You just meet your bank branch manager and send him a letter to revoke the ACH. After that the lender won't be able to deduct any payment from that account. But you can easily operate the account as usual.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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