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I took a payday loan with in June. I took out $400 and to date have paid back $860. They say I still owe but haven't deducted from my checking account this month. I checked with my local BBB and they are not approved with the BBB and have a F rating! I called the Delaware Banking Commission as they list their address as DE but they have no record of them.Is their a limit to how much a payday loan can take in fees? Is there a way to find out if this co has went under? I am in Ohio.

Online lenders must be licensed in Ohio. - My guess is they are not and therefore not licensed means not legal - follow this link on how to deal with all steps in order.. Doing this will protect you later. th-illegallende... - You would only be responsible for what borrowed and I would be asking for a refund of $460.00.. When I went to their webiste.. it looks like they have closed down to doing loans at all....sure sign of issues..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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There are more lenders with a mailing address in Delaware because the laws are so relaxed. If you look up the address on you will find out in is a mail drop like the UPS store. There physical address could be anywhere in the country or the world. Good luck trying to locate them and press for a refund. I have done it before when I was able to find a physical location and contacted that states attorney general. Assuming HelpinAZ is correct, they will sell your account to a collection agency and reopen under a different name. If a CA contacts you down the road do not even talk to them or believe anything they say. They still call me seven years later over an old PDL. I just ignore them.

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As stated look them up with your state - they have to be licensed to lend in your state - and if in fact not licensed - follow the steps as explained and you can email to them at customerservice@loansho from their own website.

If later they turn to over to a Collection Agency - you send them a Cease and Desist - not just ignore them..

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